Foreigner Kicks Off Historic Farewell Tour in Atlanta

Foreigner, the classic rock legends, are wrapping up their 46-year career with a final soiree. If it feels like the last time you'll get to hear their tunes live, it is.

And Foreigner is not alone in calling it a career, over a dozen classic artists this year are claiming this is the last dance. From Elton to Aerosmith to the Eagles to the Mac, this really may be the end.

Dubbed The Historic Farewell Tour, Foreigner's victory lap marks the end of an era for pop rock group who've been a radio mainstay since the 1970s thanks to their slew of hits and massive record sales.

Ticket holders shouldn't miss the opening act, Canada's Loverboy.

Founded in 1976 by British musician Mick Jones (who is often confused as the Clash Mick Jones), Foreigner quickly rose to fame with their crowd-pleasing blend of guitar driven rock and melodic synth-heavy ballads like "I Want to Know What Love Is," "Urgent," "Cold as Ice," and "Juke Box Hero."

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Foreigner rocks out to "Head Games" in Atlanta in their first stop of their farewell tour.

Despite being one of the best-selling rock bands of all time, moving over 80 million units via 9 studio albums, 7 live LPs, 20 compilations, and 47 singles, the group has never been nominated for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Some say because they were too mainstream.

So what if the dentist, the grocery store and your mom loves their tunes? Isn't that what the hall of fame is about?

The band's first 8 singles (all belted out by singer Lou Gramm) were each Billboard Top 20 hits. Only the Beatles had done that previously.

Fans of the band might want to pick up this giant tour book when they attend the shows.

Jones remains the last man standing as the only original member for this bon voyage around North America. He is joined by vocalist Kelly Hansen, bassist Jeff Pilson, Michael Bluestein on keyboards, Chris Frazier on drums, with Bruce Watson and Luis Maldonado on guitars.

Now that's a setlist of hits (and a drum solo!)

The 13-song setlist is oozing with hits, a keyboard solo, and even a drum solo reminding kids how things used to be back in the day.

Tickets are available on Foreigner's website.

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