Haim Plays 'Days Are Gone,' Front-to-Back, 10 Years After Debut

Haim celebrated the upcoming 10th anniversary of their debut album Days Are Gone by playing it in its entirety, from front to back, July 19.

Just like Emily Lasnier said they should. If you recall, the Setlist.fm contributor put together a wishlist last November of bands who have albums turning 10 years-old this year she'd like to see either tour or celebrate them in some way.

What your setlist looks like when you play your entire debut album -- and its most popular song, twice.

She listed Lorde's Pure Heroine, My Bloody Valentine's m b v, and Arctic Monkeys' AM along with Haim's debut and others.

"We'd love to see the familial trio revisit the era of their first major release," Lasnier wrote.

Wednesday it came true. The Haim sisters played three nights at the brand new 1,600 capacity Bellwether in downtown LA. The first two shows were unique in that they played songs they hadn't performed in years.

Miley Cyrus' drummer is a huge fan, apparently.

On Monday July 17, "Honey & I" made it out of storage after 7 years. The next day "Falling," "If I Could Change Your Mind," and "Let Me Go," was dusted off after 3, 6, and 7 years respectively.

All of those songs, of course, are from 2013's Days Are Gone, the album which put Alana, Danielle, and Este on the alt/pop/indie/rock map.

Haim playing "Falling" at SXSW in 2013

It all led up to the third night where the ladies played the entire Days Are Gone from beginning to end, with an encore of a second helping of their most-played song ever, "The Wire." Wednesday they played "The Wire" for the 362nd and 363rd time.

The proud Valley denizens will be opening for their bestie, Taylor Swift for a number of west coast shows, including three in LA county. Normally we'd say get tickets on their website, but any Swiftie can tell you, those tickets are also, uh, Gone.

Exactly a year ago today HAIM and Taylor joined forces for "Gasoline" in London, which must have been confusing to the Brits as they call it petrol.

One song they didn't play is their newest one, "Home," from the Barbie soundtrack, which dropped Thursday, July 20.

Perhaps they're waiting to live debut it when they play in their hometown next month with Taylor.

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