Setlist History: White Stripes' Last Full Concert

The White Stripes held their last proper concert on July 31, 2007 in Mississippi.

2007 was a whirlwind for Meg and Jack White, brother and sister onstage, ex-husband and wife on paper, and least-likely pair to bring the blues to both college radio and sports arenas.

As the year began, the band lost their label, got signed to a one-album deal with Warner Bros., recorded and released Icky Thump - a record that would shoot to #2 on the charts and win them a Grammy.

The final tour of the White Stripes. The Mississippi date which was their final show was added after this poster was made.

The album allowed the Michigangers to venture across the border to the wilds of Canada for the first time in their 10 year career.

The pair made up for lost time by going to every province and territory which included a concert solely for kids in Toronto, and a gig onboard a Winnipeg city bus.

On the bus, that's where we're riding. On the bus...

Jack and Meg completed the Canadian leg of the tour with the shortest concert in history- a one-note finale in St. John's, Newfoundland, and then played a full set later that night to please the good people of the lovely town.

Can you name that tune in one note?

As fun and creative as that first leg of that tour was, if someone wanted to point fingers on what ultimately broke up the White Stripes, to quote South Park, one might wanna blame Canada.

The frenetic nature of going so many places so quickly, sometimes playing two shows a night, rattled the sensitive drummer who hadn't been on the road in a while and who Jack would eventually describe as "a hermit."

All the pretty girls love "Ball and Biscuit," as seen here at the White Stripes' last concert.

So after the five day break coming back to the US, followed by the 9 shows in 10 days swing from Maine to Mississippi, Meg was calling it quits moments before that final gig.

Opening for the White Stripes that night in Mississippi was the rockabilly guitarist, Dan Sartain. When his set was over, Jack led a congratulatory toast to Dan and the crew for completing the second leg of the tour.

The Set Times for the final White Stripes Show – By Ben Blackwell

According to White Stripes' archivist Ben Blackwell, after the toast and before the headliners were to hit the stage, Meg said the unthinkable.

"Meg White and I were the last ones left standing there," Blackwell wrote on the Nugs blog.

"Apropos of nothing, cups in hand, not even in a conversation at that point, Meg said to me, “I think this is the last White Stripes show,'” he continued.

"Confused, I responded 'Well, yeah, last show of this leg of the tour.' She replied 'No…I think this is the last White Stripes show ever,' and slowly walked away."

Last White Stripes Show setlist

The band opened with a Robert Johnson cover, the infamous Delta bluesman from Hazelhurst, Mississippi, who was the first great rocker to die at 27.

It was just the second time the pair had opened with the tune in their history, the first being on that aforementioned Canadian swing.

"The inspiration behind that first opening performance was the band headlining the Ottawa Bluesfest, being met with newspaper headlines that asked “Are the White Stripes bluesy enough to headline Bluesfest?” Blackwell wrote.

"Stop Breaking Down Blues" live in London, Ontario, 2007, 24 days before the band's final show.

"Seems as Jack’s intention of starting both these shows with the Robert Johnson classic was to leave no doubt to a skeptical homegrown audience of armchair connoisseurs or a lazy Canadian newspaper editor that the band was well-within their powers conveying the blues to the masses," Blackwell, who also happens to be Jack's nephew, theorized.

In total the White Stripes doled out 24 songs, but left out what has become their most popular one, "Seven Nation Army." Of the 45 gigs the band played in 2007 for Icky Thump, "Seven Nation Army" was absent in just four of them.

The last song the White Stripes played in concert

The show started with a cover of a blues legend and ended with one too, Lead Belly's "Boll Weevil" where the protagonist yearns for a home.

Which one might project Meg wanted when she said she didn't want to tour any more.

The White Stripes performed together one last time, on Conan O'Brien's final show before he was to head over to host the Tonight Show. But that was just one tune where they both played guitar.

The last concert was recorded and released as an album called Live in Mississippi.

Will we ever see The White Stripes play together again? One glimmer of hope comes in the form of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In 2024 the duo will be eligible to be nominated. If they are inducted, it is customary for the group to rock out.

So vote early and vote often.

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