Aquabats Live Debut 'Whatever Forever!' Finally!

Nearly 30 years ago, the masked crusaders, The Aquabats, released their first album, The Return of the Aquabats led by frontman The Caped Crusader and guitarist Chain Saw.

Monday night at the Roxian Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA, the ska-infused superheroes debuted a track off their new album, Finally, titled "Whatever Forever!" to the delight of their devoted fans in attendance.

How devoted are these fans?

In 2018, the band created a Kickstarter where their biggest supporters could chip in between $10 to $300 to help fund the group's future recordings.

In return the generous souls received stickers, t-shirts, videos, and even limited edition Vans slip-ons.

It was a win-win for everyone, including the fans who were deemed The Legion of Righteous Comrades.

The Aquabats Super Shoes, only available for Righteous Comrades.

Not only was the scheme hugely successful, but it did help fund several albums and continue the run of their TV show, The Aquabats! Super Show!

The final record created from the funds of that 2018 Kickstarter dropped last month, Finally!

As to be expected, with a title like that, and with zero push to get fans to fund forthcoming projects, many are nervous this may be the last hurrah for the lovable hucksters.

But that's no way to live, and if Finally was truly a farewell tour there would be much more fanfare as they have left a trail of goodwill and smiles over their thirty years in music and entertainment.Wouldn't they?

The first single that dropped from Finally was "No Rewind!" which they live debuted at Coachella, a fest they've rocked three times.

At Coachella they began their set with "Pool Party!" which is what they closed with in Pittsburgh on Monday.

What tune opened the gig the other night? "Whatever Forever!" It's the circle of life.

In between were hits from six of their other albums and three incredible covers.

The Ramones' "Blitzkreig Bop" led into Minor Threat's "Minor Threat" in the first set. And the second-to-last song in the encore was a heartfelt rendition of The Outfield's "Your Love."

The 1986 hit has been covered by Katy Perry 17 times, Third Eye Blind 11 times, and The Decemberists 7 times, but it is so beloved by The Aquabats, that according to our records they've played it 7 more times than The Outfield themselves.

Another new tune the band rocked in Pittsburgh was the super fun "Dr. Space Mummy!" which they also performed at the No Values Festival last month in Pomona, California.

Indeed, The Aquabats are so entertaining and loved, they can easily play a kids party, Coachella, or an all-day punk fiesta and please every audience with their light-hearted weirdness.

A tune they didn't play Monday that they're sure to live debut sometime soon is "Let's Go Live In A Cave!" so keep your ears and eyes open for that as the tour progresses.

The Aquabats are stinkin up those suits in the humidity of the east coast right now and soon they'll be in the South with shows nearly ever day.

Grab your tickets off their website now before they sell out.

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