Death Cab for Cutie Wrap Thank You For Today Tour with New Songs

It is hard to think that Death Cab for Cutie kicked off their Thank You For Today tour back in September 2018, but the band officially brought the tour to a bittersweet end at none other than the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last night, August 11th. Usually a group that thrives on switching up their setlist plans each night, Death Cab for Cutie decided to have identical setlists for the final two shows of the tour -- and for the best reasons possible.
During their previous set at The Observatory North Park in San Diego, DCFC live debuted a brand new track from their upcoming album, The Blue. Halfway through the set the band unveiled their newest track "Kids in '99," which originally dropped back on July 30th. Thankfully, the band decided to bring it out for its sophomore performance at the Hollywood Bowl only to be welcomed warmly with the gentle support of applause from the audience.
Death Cab for Cutie via Instagram
For their final performance in L.A., the band kicked off the evening with a slew of career reflective tracks like "Passenger Seat" and "Title and Registration" before moving into Thank You For Today track "I Dreamt We Spoke Again." The Ben Gibbard-fronted group also incorporated pockets of nostalgia like "Crooked Teeth," "Grapevine Fires," and "I Will Possess Your Heart."
While the majority of the setlist evolved into a wholesome overture of the band's career, Death Cab for Cutie managed to weave in older tracks like The Photo Album's "Styrofoam Plates" as a sweet treat for long-standing fans. In addition to the classic crowd-pleasers, DCFC also brought out new tracks from their 2018 release Thank You For Today. The band sprinkled tracks like "60 & Punk," "Northern Lights," and "Gold Rush" throughout the night for fans to enjoy.
Death Cab for Cutie via Twitter
Shortly before the encore, long-standing DCFC member Dave Depper had the crowd join in on celebrating Gibbard's 43rd birthday. Depper invited audiences to sing Happy Birthday after the band performed "We Looked Like Giants." Consequently, Gibbard asked the audience to sing a verse from encore track "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," before Gibbard stepped back into the dark and out of the spotlight. Even as they continue to perfect their craft of making music, fans will inevitably follow Death Cab for Cutie into the dark, singing along as they go.
Check out Death Cab for Cutie's setlist from their final tour stop at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA:
Death Cab for Cutie's Setlist

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