Tour Update: Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant are currently on their co-headlining summer tour with Beck. The GRAMMY Award winning rockers are touring in support of their latest release and fifth studio album which dropped this year, Social Cues. We stopped by the Irvine, California date of the tour at Five Point Amphitheater to talk to frontman Matt Shultz about building fan relationships and strong music moments. Watch our exclusive Tour Update interview below:

Tour Update: Cage the Elephant Believes In Powerful Moments

Strong Music, Strong Moments
"So the music is so strong, the creativity- obviously Beck is incredible. Watching his set is just like- there's so many songs that are familiar and so right. When the audience comes out I think they'll be blessed with a lot of things that they know, moments that will happen that they never knew, and there's really good energy."

Building Fan Relationships
"It's difficult. It's become more difficult. You want to incorporate the new material. Your first leaning is to play the entire new record, right? With the audience, we built up a relationship, a history. It's fun to talk about the past. We know there's certain things, certain songs and stuff that the audience really enjoys, songs that we enjoy. You just go from there. A lot of what we do is just keep in mind in our hearts that this is a relationship we're building."

Love and Connections
"No one has universal perspective, sometimes it's this feeling inside me like "I'm losing the crowd!" or "I have to be out there!" or sometimes it's like I want to be connected with people- maybe I'm losing touch with what the purpose is because I surely don't want to be up there just to be a 'rockstar.' If that's the case then I might as well just pack my things up and go home. A love and connection."

To catch Cage the Elephant on tour, visit their official website for a full list of dates and ticket info.
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