Green Day Live Debuted Protest Song "Holiday" This Day in 2004

It's been 16 years since Green Day live debuted "Holiday," the third single off of their political statement album American Idiot.
The supporting tour kicked off in July 2004, but it was a month into the tour during the European leg, on this very day of August 24, 2004, that GD live debuted "Holiday" in Dublin, Ireland at the Ambassador Theatre.
The 21-song set opened up with "American Idiot" and they worked in many exciting parts to the show, including a 4-song covers portion where they covered everything from "Knowledge" by Operation Ivy to "Dancing With Myself" by Generation X, all in a row. They also covered "I Fought the Law" by The Crickets a few songs later.
Classic GD numbers that they worked in included "Brain Stew," "Welcome to Paradise," "Longview" and "When I Come Around," which preceded the live premiere of "Holiday." During the performance, video screens displayed footage of helicopters dropping bombs. The song is an outspoken "f*ck you" to President George W. Bush and American conservatism in general.
Green Day performing "Holiday" in Dublin
The set ended on "Basket Case" followed by one last cover - "We Are the Champions" by Queen. Check out everything they played that night right here:
Green Day
Since the live debut, GD have performed "Holiday" around 504 times, to date!

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