Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler! See Dire Straits Last Set in 1992

Today the legendary guitarist and musician Mark Knopfler turns 71-years-old! The British rocker is known best as the frontman of popular rock band Dire Straits. In honor of his birthday, we're looking back at the epic setlist from the band's last big show they played in 1992 before signing off for good.
The show took place on October 9th, 1992 at Estadio de La Romareda in Zaragoza, Spain. It was part of their "On Every Street Tour" which lasted nearly two years and proved to be a heavy strain for the band. By this last show, the band was ready to call it quits.
The show carried a 15-song setlist which touched on nearly every album in DS's career. Their final 1991 album, On Every Street, saw the most play, however, firing off the set with "Calling Elvis."
Throughout the set they worked in favorites like "Romeo and Juliet," "Private Investigations" and "Sultans of Swing." The main part of the set ended on "Brothers in Arms" before they came back out to encore "Solid Rock" and Knopfler's solo cut "Wild Theme."
Check out their last tour's setlist here:
Dire Straits
You can watch a recording of the performance in full here:

In 1999 DS reunited to perform a 5-song set for John Illsley's wedding. Knopfler has continued to carry on a successful solo career, and recently put out his ninth solo album, Down the Road Wherever, in 2018.
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