My Rhythm and My Blues: Kash Doll

Detroit-born rapper Kash Doll has some big things on the horizon - and not just with music. True, she just released a new collab with Juicy J, "Like A Pro" - but she's also been cast in 50 Cent's TV series Black Mafia. Get to know this big-deal boss in our latest episode of My Rhythm and My Blues. Watch:


I'm a rapper. I'm a trapper. I'm an actress. I'm a multi-talented, or whatever. And I'm from Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in Detroit, I'd just say tough love, like that's how I would describe it. My passion was to take care of my family. You know, my mom had me at 15 and she had five kids at 21. So, I wanted to help my mom. And so I worked and helped pay the bills and stuff like that and I enjoyed it. It's a passion for me. Growing up, I always was in love with music. That was my escape. But it was Aaliyah for me. When I knew that she was from Detroit, like that influenced me. Like, you can do it, you can do that. Nothing is given to you in Detroit. You have to make a way for yourself.

Buying a home:

It felt amazing to buy a home. One of the challenges of being a black woman and trying to purchase my first home was I feel like it was just the lack of knowledge. I manifested my home. God, you know, He didn't give me the cake. He gave me the ingredients. What that was for me to get the house was learning credit, was learning like loans. It's a whole 'nother world.

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Working with Drake:

Drake the goat. He's just... that's Champagne Papi. When he was in my DM, first off, I was shook. Like what the hell just happened? And then he asked me to come open up and he brought me out at my first arena. And it was like everybody knew all my lyrics. And it was just a reminder for me to keep going. 'Cause I was kind of at a point where I wanted to give up. So I just feel like God just works in mysterious ways and he used him at that time, to push me to keep going. So that's my dawg right there.

Uplifting other Black artists:

So the reason I think that it's important for black artists to uplift each other is because I just feel like that's genuinely just the right thing to do. Why don't we want to be kind and uplift each other? Like why not? Why wouldn't you want to uplift your brother or your sister or anybody in the world? You know, they're not pulling you down. So why would you want to do it? I wouldn't even just say Black people should just uplift each other, period.

First acting role:

Well, I went to a couple acting classes with Tasha Smith. You know, it came through that they wanted me to send in a tape. Okay, well let me try that out. I sent it. And 50 Cent called my phone. Like, "Yeah, you got it." And I was like, "What? What you saying? I got the role?" He was like, "Yeah, you good." So I had to move to Atlanta. You know, I had to - I couldn't go outside for four months. I had to because of COVID, taking three COVID tests per week and all of it was so worth it. Well, I'm just so grateful. Some things you can't even explain. You look, like, my first real gig, it's with 50 Cent. And it's a BMF story, which is the biggest story from Detroit. Especially in that world. Like wow. Just-- I'm just grateful.

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Releasing music during the pandemic:

Dropping music during the pandemic, it's just, you got to feed your audience, man. However you feeling at that time, give it to them. You're going to love this album. This album is amazing. It's different genres. It's just, you know, I might be singing in one song and rapping on the next hook and it's just man, it's just a vibe. It's a vibe.


I would love for my legacy to be...inspire other black girls all over the world to just feel beautiful. To know that it's nothing we can't do. It's nothing that could stop us. You know, life just don't stop.

Learn more about Kash Doll in her new interview with XXL here.

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