WATCH: Brothers Osborne Talk Touring Again

Brothers Osborne kicked off their headlining "We're Not For Everyone" tour just last week in Philly. Before the tour we caught up with them to ask about the anticipation, the new material and some quick questions about songs.
Brothers Osborne Interview

New songs:

We just put out a new record in the middle of the pandemic, to give the fans something to listen to. But the weird thing is we haven't performed. So literally where we are right now, we have all of our gear set up behind us, so we can rehearse those songs and get out and be ready to play them. How they'll be received, we don't know. Hopefully well. Y'all will determine that. But we're preparing for it and we're excited.

Going back on tour:

Going back out on the road people have been asking if we're feeling nervous or anxious. And the answer is absolutely. We haven't played in like a year and a half. I don't even remember the songs I played like for years and years, more or less the ones I haven't even played yet for anybody. But I have a feeling once we get on stage, it'll be like riding a bike and it'll just take off and it'll be fun. But until that happens, yes, I'm feeling, we're feeling a lot of nerves.
So this tour is gonna be a lot different. I think it's going to be different for everybody. I mean, this is the first show that people have seen in over a year, year and a half, two years for some. It'll be the first show we've played in a year and a half. It'll be a little bit different but I know everyone's so excited that it's just going to be an absolute blast. And I mean, I have goosebumps just thinking about it.
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Songs on tour, songs for the shower:

A song that I'm really excited to play again when we get back out on the road is "21 Summer." That song has always really came from a place that no one really quite knew, really. So, the fact that I'll be able to perform that song now in context, people knowing where it came from and some of the hurt maybe I felt then, that I was unable to share the magnitude of at the time, I'll be able to finally share it for the first time. So, I'm really excited to perform that.
Two of my favorite songs that we've covered in the past is "The Shape I'm In" by The Band and "Whiskey River" by Willie Nelson. Those are always so much fun and we, obviously in true Brothers Osborne fashion, we jam them out and make them like 20 minutes, but we love those songs.
This isn't random, it's an awesome song, but it probably would be a surprise to most of our fans that I love it, it's a SZA song. She's amazing. But her song "Good Days" just has something about it, just puts me in such a mood every time. And I don't really know all the words like off the top of my head, but I will sing it to myself all the time. I know I'm getting the words wrong, but I don't care. I'm just in my own little bliss. There is nothing like the reverb of a bathroom.
I always sing songs about my dog. I just make them up. Her name is Barley and I--her nickname is Boogie Nuggans. I'd just sing songs about Boogie Nuggans just to annoy my dog.
See BO setlist from the first night of tour:
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