Demi Lovato Kicks off "HOLY FVCK" Tour in Springfield

Demi Lovato kicked off their much anticipated “HOLY FVCK” Tour on August 13, 2022. Taking the stage at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, Demi officially returned to touring for the first time since the “Tell Me You Love Me” Tour in 2018.

The show kicked off with the live debut of “HOLY FVCK,” the title track from their album set to release on August 19, 2022. Clad in what reads as a parody of a Catholic schoolgirl uniform, a plaid skirt and men’s style shirt with “GO TO HELL” written on it, Lovato would go on to perform six other live debuts from the album, including “FREAK,” “EAT ME” and “29.”

Along with these new debuts, they included some deeper cuts in “Remember December” and “Don’t Forget,” which featured Demi on guitar for the solo. “La La Land” returned, leading into a cover of Ashlee Simpson’s hit single “La La.” They also covered the Goo Goo Dolls chart topper “Iris.”

Demi playing the guitar solo from "Don't Forget."

For those looking for some of Demi’s big pop hits don’t worry, they’re part of the show. But songs like “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Heart Attack” get new life as rock versions for this new era. After all, you don’t bring Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper fame along as part of your live show and not rock the fvck out.

The main set closed with “Skin of My Teeth,” the lead single from HOLY FVCK. But Demi returned to the stage for a two song encore, first live debuting “HAPPY ENDING.” The closer for the evening was “Cool for the Summer,” another song given a new spin as a rock version. During the performance Demi grabbed a rainbow pride flag from the audience and waved it around on stage as they sang.

Demi Lovato setlist

The “HOLY FVCK” Tour continues into early November, with special guests Dead Sara and Royal & the Serpent. You can still try and grab tickets at Demi’s official site.

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