Metric Live Debut Five Songs on Doomscroller Tour Kickoff

The Canadian leg of Metric's Doomscroller tour kicked off last night (August 11) at the Royal Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia. The band opened their 17-song set with the tour's namesake - although at this time we're not sure if they played the entire 10-minute version of the track. Signs point to YES because when they debuted "Doomscroller" in Mexico City back in May, they did the full version - see some fan footage of that here.

They followed with their 2nd most-performed song to date, "Gold Guns Girls" and one of only two songs from Art of Doubt, "Dark Saturday."

Lead single "All Comes Crashing" preceded the very first live debut of the evening, "What Feels Like Eternity." (We're on the hunt for some fan footage, please hit us up on Twitter if you see any.)

Their #1 most-performed song to date, "Help I'm Alive" came before the live debut of their album's title track, "Formentera" and mid-set they pulled out rarity "The Police and The Private" (a song only performed 22 times so far).

"Enemies of the Ocean" and album closer "Paths in the Sky" were the live debuts of the latter half of the set, while "False Dichotomy" was performed live for the first time ever during the three-song encore.

Check out the full setlist from opening night:

Metric setlist

Despite Formentera's release just last month (July 8), there are only two songs from the album that they haven't performed live yet, "I Will Never Settle" and "Oh Please."

Metric plays a second night at the Royal Theater tonight (August 12) before moving on to Vancouver. See a full list of dates via their official site.

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