Rammstein's North American Tour Kick Off Scared Off Mother Nature

Rammstein returned to Canada for the first time since 2017 with a sonic assault of flames, power and modern majesty, pleasing fans, and angering foes.

Over 42,000 attendees ignored warnings of deadly lighting, torrential rains, hail, mud and thunder, while pilgrimaging to Montreal's Parc Jean Drapeau to experience the show that was originally scheduled for August of 2020.

But not even the threat of Mother Nature could stop this event, the first of a dozen to wend its way across the US and Mexico through October.

As the sun sank and dark clouds fled for cover, the legendary German industrial rockers appeared on its enormous stage that gives both "Mad Max: Fury Road" and Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" vibes. This impressive structure takes several days and a small army of 300 roadies to erect. Worth it.

Opening with a recording of German maestro George Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks," Rammstein grooved into what would be two hours of cinematic angst and dynamic hard rock that was heard well outside of the island venue.

"...this particular show ruffled feathers as far as Longueuil, Saint-Hubert and even Boucherville," CTV News in Montreal reported. "'From my house, I didn't hear anything. But I got more emails than ever,' said Saint-Lambert mayor Pascale Mongrain."

Meanwhile the lights of the epic spectacle could be seen from far away:

Powered by the dual guitar attack of Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers, and fronted by the nearly 60-year-old Till Lindemann, the veteran group was relentless whether on pieces from its 1995 debut Herzeleid or its latest offering Zeit.

Doling out something for everyone, the Rammstein delivered cuts from 7 of its 8 albums, leaving its biggest hits, "Du hast" and "Sonne," for the finale of it's 14-song opening set.

But that wasn't enough for 42,000 in attendance. They were not ready for their late night poutine just yet.

So Rammstein refueled the flamethrowers (literally) and came through with a four-song encore which included a beautiful version of "Engel" accompanied by members of opening act Duo Abélard on piano.

Then they sent the crowd home with a blistering second encore of three more tunes.

Rammstein setlist

Minneapolis, Philly, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, San Antonio, and LA, you can get your tickets via Rammstein's website.

The trio of Mexico City dates in October are sold out.

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