Setlist Insider: Sublime with Rome

You've karaoke-d "Santeria" at least 100 times, but how many times has Sublime with Rome actually performed it? We've got that stat! Before the iconic rockers hit the road for the ultimate summer feel-good tour with Incubus, we had them in our studio to dig into the data. Watch as Rome, Eric and Carlos relay tour stories from their first Smokeout to a wild night at Red Rocks Amphitheatre and more.

Digging into the stats:

Rome: "Geez. There's a lot of music here. We've played this many songs? That's crazy. It's like close to a hundred songs. They have every little bit of freestyle we've ever done. "Pass Me The Lazerbeam" to "Everlasting Light" by the Black Keys. This has got everything. I'm a data nerd, so like being able to see all the data on the songs and the percentages and likeliness of playing them again. And it was just like, whoa. Everyone always asked, "Isn't it so hard for you to go up there and sing those songs, you know?" And I honestly, I tell them, "That is the funnest part of my life."
"'Panic' is one of our original tracks that we've continually play. First time we ever played that song was at a bar in Reno, front of probably 300 or 400 people. And then the next time we played that was in front of 30,000 people at Smokeout. Which was nuts because that song, in and of itself, we wrote all together probably in four hours or something."
Carlos: "Light On" is probably my favorite song to play. You know, 'cause it reminds me of back home. Feels good to think about home and family and stuff. My dog.
Rome: "God bless your dog."

Returning to Red Rocks:

Rome: "We played Red Rocks eight times already. That's crazy."
Eric: "One time I accidentally did a dab."
Rome: "Concentrated marijuana."
Eric: "I forgot every single song. I was amazed that there wasn't people walking out everywhere. Yeah, I could not believe that."
Rome: "Concentrated marijuana is no joke."
Eric: "I got on the bike and I almost fell. I didn't know what the clutch cable was."

Fan Favorites:

Rome: "We pretty much still play a lot of this stuff. I mean, Sublime's just got 15 songs that are just fucking legendary that if you don't play 'em people are gonna be like, "What the hell?"

Touring with Incubus:

Rome: "The thing that we kind of most want to contribute to the audience is more laid back kind of you know, kind of just get lost in the bass and the sound, you know. And then when Incubus gets on, 'cause they're super intense as well you know, in their own way. And then they kind of get really trippy as well. I feel our contrast kind of compliment that and it's just gonna make for a fucking good ass night of music, you know?"

Sublime with Rome are on tour with Incubus now. Check out a list of remaining dates here.

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