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Phones are windows into the soul - said no one ever. But given how much time we spend on them and how much they allow us to do with a mere swipe, their contents can still reveal quite a bit. In this episode of Unlocked, LA music maker Sueco takes us on a tour of his apps, his group chats, his camera roll and more. Take a look, then catch him on tour IRL this fall:

Screen time:

"I am completely and horribly addicted to my phone. My screen time is like eight hours a day. I've just accepted it. It's a love/hate relationship. Got me where I am now. This is my lock screen. It's a morning cup of beans. It reminds me to have my morning cup of beans 'cause I get cranky when I don't have it. Okay, so we're gonna go into my home screen. It is totally not organized at all. This is a shit show. This is like my life: it's cluttered, nothing makes sense, somehow I find a way to make it work. I don't even use 90% of these apps to be completely honest."

Most-used apps:

InShot. That's my, like, video editing app. Photoshop. That's my photo editing app. Books. 'Cause I read a lot. Totally, I use voice memos. Literally, I was at the airport the other day, like last week, coming back from a festival and there was, like, a protest going on outside. They were like doing this chant, like, and they had drums and stuff. And so I voice memo'd them going like this... Like, it sounds like a sample. I might use it, who knows?

Group chats:

"Most recent text was 30 minutes ago. It was a group text with John Feldmann. He's, like, a producer...Feldy. And Travis. And then Feldy texted me: let's do another jam. And I said, let's do it. And then there's a thumbs up."
"My grandma is on Instagram and, like, TikTok, and responds to everything I do. There was a video I posted on TikTok with my ex and I was, like, joining the mile high club. [Laughs] And then I think...let me see if I can even find it... She sent me the straight face emoji."

What he's listening to:

"I use both Spotify and Apple Music. Here we have Black Flag, the new Post Malone album, Turnstile, The Smiths. I've been listening to a lot of The Smiths recently, so I'll literally just go and, like, boom... play the whole album. This is one of my favorite albums: The Score by Fugees. My high school band teacher put me onto this album. So sick. I love this album. Lauryn Hill's crazy. "
Sueco's tour kicks off September 10, 2022!

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