The Killers Live Debut in England Amid Scrapped Album News

Calling all The Killers fans: we have good news and bad news. For one, the alternative rock heroes have a brand new song that they live debuted at Reading Festival on August 26th! And while it appears we won’t be getting the new album this track was supposed to be on anytime soon (more on that later)... the band still put on the quintessential rock show for thousands of excited fans.

Brandon Flowers and Co. have put out one alt-rock banger after another for over two decades now, and the Reading setlist reflects it. They began the show with rock-radio favorites from every decade, including “My Own Soul’s Warning,” “When You Were Young,” “Jenny Was A Friend of Mine,” Smile Like You Mean It,” and more! There was even an adorable moment when a fan named Ozzie was plucked from the audience to play drums on “For Reasons Unknown.” And it’s a testament to the band’s interactive nature and showmanship that’s followed them from the smaller stages of their Las Vegas hometown to the most famous venues in the world.

Then came one of the most climactic moments of the night…a live debut of an all-new The Killers song! “Your Side of Town” is an electronic rock essential that had audience members dancing in the aisles, the same way that “Mr. Brightside” has for nearly 20 years now. But while this song is undoubtedly a bop, it’s also bittersweet for The Killers. The band has dabbled in everything from alternative and indie pop to new wave and heartrock rock. And frontman Brandon Flowers recently opened up about the type of music he hopes to make going forward.

“Halfway through recording I realized, ‘I can’t do this,'” Flowers told The Times, referring to the new The Killers album that he scrapped this year. “I don’t think you’ll see us making this type of music any more.” “This is the crisis I’m in,” he continues. “The Killers are my identity and our songs fill the seats, but I’m more fulfilled making music like Pressure Machine. I found a side of myself writing it that was strong. This was the guy I’d been looking for! I’m as proud of Hot Fuss as you can be for something you did when you were 20, but I’m not 20. So I’m thinking about the next phase of my life.”

Indeed, Flowers is now 42…a far cry from the young rock star he was when he made the band’s debut album, Hot Fuss, in 2004. He’ll always appreciate his older songs, evidenced by the latter end of the Reading setlist featuring classics like “All These Things That I’ve Done,” “Runaways,” and “Mr. Brightside.” However, he’s also pondering the type of musician he needs to be for not only the fans but himself, and we’re here for it. As we look forward to new music from The Killers, check out the full setlist for a journey through the alt-rock icons’ incredible career!

The Killers setlist

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