Last week we played Setlist Psychic with Brand New, anticipating we'd hear at least a few new songs this weekend. After all, the band was kicking off a tour by headlining the 2017 High and Low Festival. But even we weren't prepared for Brand New to perform not one, not two, but seven live debuts.

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In fact, songs from their newest album, Science Fiction, dominated the band's setlist on Saturday night. The crowd cheered as they kicked things off with our opening prediction, "Lit Me Up." We also heard "137," "Out of Mana," "Can't Get It Out," "In The Water," "Same Logic/Teeth" and "451" played live for the first time. This means new material made up almost half of the band's 16-song set. Well, 17 if you count Jesse's acoustic encore performance of "Soco Amaretto Lime." Which we do, because of course we're going to count "Soco Amaretto Lime."

Brand New - Lit Me Up

Fans will have a few more chances to catch the band throughout this October as they tour the US, including a stop in New Orleans for the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience over Halloween weekend. November has the band visiting Ireland and the UK for a few dates, rounding out their announced tour plans for 2017.

Of course, we already know what their plans are for 2018: the band has announced their plans to disband next year. In 2016, Jesse Lacey put it very simply, saying “We’re done." Cross your fingers for a farewell tour, though, because we can't imagine these guys going out quietly after 18 years.

Also: please give me credit for writing about this entire article without including a single pun about "brand new songs." The struggle is real.

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