Highlights For Elton John's Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour

It's the final walk down the Yellow Brick Road as we say adieu to Sir Elton John... at least in a live capacity. He's currently on his farewell tour and while time is a-ticking, the tour consists of over 300 shows in five continents and will concluded in 2021... so the bittersweet end will be milked for three whole years. Earlier this year, Elton John made an important announcement in regards to touring for about half a century.

“It’s time to come off the road so I can fully embrace the next important chapter of my life.”

ICYMI, watch the legend address his fans with a special message in the video below.

Elton John - A Special Fan Message

The formative musician is five shows in and has literally hundreds more to go. The Yellow Brick Road Farewell tour kicked off on September 8th and we've got all the best highlights so far for all the Elton die-hards out there, and there's a lot because the British glam rocker is going out with a bang, and then some.

The first thing to notice about this tour, is the impeccable stage production. The set-up is meant to take fans on a "musical and highly visual" journey over the course of Elton John's 50-year legacy of hits. The 71-year-old performer dazzles his way through the two-part set like he never has before as he puts on his most high-tech arena show to date.

The songs are all paired with new videos by photographer David LaChapelle and animator Alan Aldridge, all providing new perspective on the tunes. The first set fires off with the epochal "Bennie and the Jets" and weaves right into "All the Girls Love Alice." At the kickoff show in Allentown, Pennsylvania’s PPL Center, the icon took time to dedicate some songs to other icons, like a true hero. He dedicated "Border Song" to the late Aretha Franklin, who memorably covered the track in 1970 shortly after its release. Later on, he dedicated "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" to late rapper Mac Miller.

"Tiny Dancer" is an emotional rollercoaster as it's followed with a video where a woman struggled to stay sober, a teenage girl scattered an urn of ashes in a body of water and a mother danced with her baby near an airport runway. Like they promised, this show is HIGHLY visual just as it is musical.

Elton John also took a moment at the kickoff show to address further why he must abstain from touring after 2021.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve given to me these past 50 years,” he said. “But I have the most beautiful family and I really need to spend more time with them. I know you understand since a lot of you have children of your own. I just want to be there for them and that’s why I’m doing this tour. It’s to say thank you and say goodbye to touring.”

It's safe to say that you should probably bring a box of tissues with you if you plan on attending on the shows, which you SHOULD.

Watch fan caught video of "Bennie and the Jets" from his Philadelphia show on September 12th below.

"Bennie and the Jets" Live 9/12

After 12 magnetic tracks, Elton John hardly takes a break before coming back for the second set which begins with "Funeral For a Friend/ Love Lies Bleeding." During "Sad Songs (Say So Much)" is when the talent (the band) gets introduced. This second set lasts 10 songs followed by an encore for the grand finale with two sing-a-longs: "Your Song" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." During this time, a photo slideshow from John's life is displayed on the screen in chronological order.

Check out the full setlist from his last show in University Park, Pennsylvania below.

Elton John

For a complete list of tour dates and info on securing tickets, head to Elton John's website.

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