Riot Fest 2018 Tip Sheet

Riot Fest is returning to Douglas Park in Chicago TOMORROW (September 14) for the second year in a row, and the grounds will light up with a range of beloved rock acts throughout the weekend. This year, the fest had to make some last-minute changes to its headlining acts due to Blink-182 having to cancel all foreseeable gigs. Instead, Riot Fest 2018 will get Weezer, Run the Jewels and Taking Back Sunday as new additions. Other anticipated headlining acts include Blondie, Elvis Costello, Alkaline Trio, Beck, Andrew W.K., Father John Misty, Cypress Hill and Gwar.
Yet, there are several other acts on the bill, in case you haven't noticed, that deserve your attendance if you're a lucky Riot Fest festival-goer this year. The following sets are NOT to be missed and we'll tell you why. But first, cue up our carefully curated Riot Fest '18 Spotify Playlist that we made just for you.

Friday (September 14)

WHO: Speedy Ortiz
WHY: It's '90s indie rock for our day and age. And we know you're at Riot Fest because you're obsessed with '90s indie rock!
WHEN: 1:00PM at Roots Stage
WHO: Liz Phair
WHY: Because she's an alt-rock queen that has influenced a generation of angst-ridden girls (and boys.)
WHEN: 2:10PM at Roots Stage
WHO: Pussy Riot
WHY: They're probably one of the most politically charged punk acts of our generation, and they came all the way from Russia! Get to the stage early because this set is guaranteed to be packed.
WHEN: 3:00PM at Radicals Stage
WHO: Digable Planets
WHY: If you're a fan of hip hop then watching these influential beat makers will be the perfect precursor to Cypress Hill who headline the same day.
WHEN: 5:15PM at Radicals Stage

Saturday (September 15)

WHO: Mannequin Pussy
WHY: The Philly music scene is probably my favorite, and this band is a great example of why. They are one of the few bands at the fest repping the best of the deep indie underground.
WHEN: 2:30PM at Rise Stage
WHO: Bully
WHY: For those who love grunge but don't think it exists in our time, Bully will change your mind.
WHEN: 3:45PM at Rise Stage
WHO: Conflict
WHY: You're not a poseur, are you? Conflict is for the true punks I know are still out there. Punk is not dead!
WHEN: 4:45PM at Rebel Stage
WHO: Twin Peaks
WHY: It's not only the name of a good TV Show, but of a good band. They're Chicago locals and this set will be packed out. You won't want to miss the hype. They are for anyone who is a lover of The Rolling Stones or just pure, raw rock 'n' roll.
WHEN: 5:30PM at Roots Stage
WHO: Gwar
WHY: If you're seeking some shock-factor entertainment with your heavy metal, please find your way to the Gwar set. A band made up of alien warriors from another planet.
WHEN: 7:30PM at Rebel Stage

Sunday (September 16)

WHO: Mom Jeans.
WHY: The four-piece is a relatively new collective from the Bay Area and they are making emo-rock cool again. Wake up early to catch this set!
WHEN: 12:20PM at Riot Stage
WHO: Calpurnia
WHY: Since you'll already be at the fest early, you may as well see what other talents Finn Wolfhard exhumes other than playing Mike on Stranger Things.
WHEN: 1:30PM at Riot Stage
WHO: Johnny Marr
WHY: The brains behind The Smiths. Oops... Did I say that out loud?
WHEN: 3:50PM at Roots Stage
WHO: Superchunk
WHY: A cult '90s alt-rock phenomenon who has probably influenced many of your favorite bands today. Also, fun fact, actor Michael Shannon loves them and he has great musical taste so...
WHEN: 5:30PM at Radicals Stage
Check out the complete schedule at the Riots Fest website, and check back after the weekend for all the best photos and highlights!

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