Tour Update: Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy didn't really intend to be a touring band when they put their song "Astrovan" online—but after it's unexpected popularity, they quit their day jobs (and law school) to make magic happen. To date, they've toured with The Shins, The Head and the Heart and Neko Case and played both Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. All big feats for a folk-rocking band who just put out their debut album in March of this year! Band founder Sam Cooper and Matt Quinn stopped by our studio when the tour came through Los Angeles; they talked about their first festival performance and cleared up a misheard—albeit poetic both ways—lyric. Watch the tour update episode to get the low down:
Folk Rockers Mt. Joy Found Viral Success Without A Physical Album
On that first fest appearance:
“A band that’s just starting out—playing in the evening at a festival is not a thing. And it was great, there were tons of people there and for us, at that time, just blew our mind.”

On that misheard lyric in "Silver Lining"
(which happens when you find success before you have an album out, by the way!)
“There’s a part where I’m saying ‘Let the hard drugs be’ and everyone—EVERYONE—thinks its ‘Let the heart just beat.’ There was one time at a show when I was, I don’t know, really tired or something and I sang THAT, ‘cause the crowd sings along to the song and half the crowd (I think) is singing ‘Let the heart just beat’ so yeah, it does happen and it sort of messes with your brain a little bit."
Watch the official music video for "Silver Lining" below
Mt. Joy - Silver Lining

Mt. Joy's tour continues tonight in Buffalo, New York. Get a complete list of dates and details on their official site.
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