Kanye Brings Sunday Service to Chicago with Chance The Rapper

It’s that time of the month again, or at least that day of the week. Continuing his recent trend, Kanye West once again took advantage of the Holy Day to bring his legendary Sunday Service to his hometown of Chicago this past weekend.
With free admission and over two-thousand people in a virtual line prior to ticket sales, the much-anticipated service sold out in just minutes. As thousands gathered at the crack of dawn around Huntington Bank Pavilion, Kanye himself rolled up for the nine o’clock service, making his way through the crowd with ease as he pushed his security away. It was truly a biblical-like moment as Yeezus parted the crowd like Moses the ocean, and made his way to the center of the pavilion.
Tweet Shows Kanye Parting His Hometown Chicago Crowd
However, known for attracting a wide range of celebrity figures as it did in the California Hills and Coachella Desert, Kanye’s Chicago Sunday Service was a celebrity dud relative to prior experiences. Fortunately, Chicago native Chance the Rapper did make an appearance, performing a couple of verses of “Ultralight Beam” alongside the choir.
With no stage in sight, fans gathered tightly around Kanye and company, desperately trying to get a glimpse of the action. Yet, what they soon came to realize was that if they were expecting a Kanye West show, they were to be disappointed as the rapper was set to perform just one song throughout the entire service. Instead, it was his Sunday Service Choir and a local Chicago drum line who stole the show.
Fan Tweets Sunday Service in Chicago 2019
Covering gospel hits like Lamar Campbell’s “More Than Anything,” Richard Smallwood’s “Oh Lord, How Excellent” and Steve Green’s “Hallelujah, Salvation And Glory,” the Sunday Service Choir were the clear standouts of the morning, recreating the classics into a more modern sound for thousands to sing along to.
As the service continued, the audience was ecstatic to see Chance grab the mic during “Ultralight Beam.” Although he was only featured for a couple of lines, his presence alone dictated the growing energy from the crowd around him. Even Kanye himself was overwhelmed by the moment as he grew visibly emotional during the performance.
Chance The Rapper Performs "Ultralight Beam" at Sunday Service in Chicago 2019
While Kanye finally stepped up to perform a holy version of “Jesus Walks” to a roaring congregation, the real show-stopping moments occurred during the choir’s different lyrical renditions of modern hip hop songs.
Kanye West Performs "Jesus Walks" at Sunday Service in Chicago 2019
From Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like a Bird” and Clipse’s “Grindin’” to Snoop Dog’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” you can only imagine the creative lyrical changes needed to incorporate the mainstream songs into service. In “I’m Like a Bird” the chorus was changed to "Trust the living word, let him find a way, He'll restore your soul and...” while in “Grindin;” it was altered to "Shinin', Jesus is the light inside us, more precious than rubies and diamonds…” And best of all the chorus in “Drop It Like It’s Hot” read "Shawoop, Jesus is the light, the life, the way and what..." We’re not kidding.
Kanye West Sunday Service Setlist in Chicago 2019
But don’t worry, the service didn’t end there. Following his early morning gathering on Northerly Island, Kanye made a surprise visit to Fellowship Chicago to continue his service in a smaller, more traditional church setting.
Kanye West Brings Sunday Service to Local Chicago Fellowship
Whether or not you connect with Kanye's recent movement, it's hard to overlook the trend he has created with his Sunday Service "Tour." Is it too early to call him the Messiah? Probably. But as his influence grows, I think we're all somehow curious to see what he will do next.
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