Frank Turner Plays 18 Songs for Socially Distanced Arena Show

The evening of Monday, September 7th was a good one for Frank Turner’s UK fans, as he played his first socially distanced arena gig at the Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle. Tickets were sold, people left their couches and arrived masked up and ready to rock. Turner had already played numerous livestreams as well as a small and not at all profitable in person gig (read about that experience here) since the lockdown began in March, so this was a much anticipated, adapted return to form. 
Frank Turner setlist
Frank Turner opened the set with the title track from his most recent album Be More Kind followed by one of his best live sing-along songs, “The Ballad of Me and My Friends.”
The rest of the 18-song setlist bore the most tracks from 2013’s Tape Deck Heart, three of his most-performed songs (“Photosynthesis” “I Still Believe” and “The Road”) and cover of the Wings “Live and Let Die.” He also played an unreleased track, “The Gathering” which he opened his July show with. Turner said the track is "about the moment when we’re allowed back into our hallowed communal spaces for the shows that give our lives such meaning.” Was this, perhaps, it? We await an eloquent reflection blog.
Peep some fan (and artist!) footage below:

Frank Turner has 2021 tour dates scheduled with NOFX. Check the details here.

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