New Found Glory Celebrates Self-Titled with Full Album Livestream

This weekend was a good one for pop punk purists, as New Found Glory celebrated the 20th anniversary of their self-titled album by playing it in it’s entirety on the evening of Saturday, September 26th. The show was live streamed from a studio in Nashville, and the setlist, after playing the songs true to the album, went 11 songs longer and even included a live debut.
NFG’s major label debut, which also features their #1 most performed song OF ALL TIME (“Hit Or Miss” - 1,681 plays to date) was released 20 years to the actual day of the livestream event. Full album shows are a rare treat for fans who want to relive the experience of their introduction to the record. It also gave the band the opportunity to resurface the lesser-played tracks from the album, in this case “Second to Last” and “Black and Blue” both of which have performed less than 200 times since their debut.
The Florida foursome launched into the second half of their set with “My Friends Over You,” their second most played song and frequent show closer. They followed with Radiosurgery track “Anthem for the Unwanted” before covering Counting Crows’ “Accidentally in Love” and a tease of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”
“The Greatest of All Time” was the first new album track in the set, the lead single from Forever + Ever x Infinity, first debuted at their album release livestream back in June. 
This setlist’s live debut came next with “Double Chin for the Win.” They squeezed in one more Forever + Ever track, “Stay Awhile” before closing the streamed show with “All Downhill From Here.”
Set the full setlist:
NFG setlist

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