Richard Thompson Plays 18-Song Fairport Convention Livestream Set

Fairport Convention's Richard Thompson put on the second of three livestreams last night, September 27th, in London. The 18-song set featured 11 Fairport Convention songs from their '60s and '70s era.
The set opened up with "Jack O'Diamonds," and other FC songs he weaved in included "One Sure Thing," "Who Knows Where the Time Goes?", "The Deserter," "Crazy Man Michael," and "Sloth" among others.
Thompson threw in many traditional cover songs in the mix as well, doing folk-rock renditions of "She Moved Through the Fair," "Reynardine," and "Matty Groves." He only did two original numbers during this set - "Roll Over Vaughan Williams" and "The Poor Ditching Boy."
14 songs in, Thompson was join by professional singer Zara Phillips. Together they covered "I Still Miss Someone" by Johnny Cash and "Gone Gone Gone" by the Everly Brothers before finishing off the set with three FC tracks. The final song was "Meet on the Ledge."
Check out the setlist here:
Richard Thompson
Thompson returns to the livestream stage on October 11th, where he will be playing a setlist made up of songs requested by fans! So make sure to get your tickets and send in your requests.
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