Work From Home: Melanie C on Her First Self-Titled Album

Some people need no introduction and if you’re one of the Spice Girls, we’d say you fall into that category. But perhaps a reintroduction? Melanie Chisholm—Mel C—you know her as Sporty Spice—reunited with her squad in 2019 (read about it here), but she’s been steadily releasing solo material (LOOK at this discography) since 1999's Northern Star.
Now she’s on the brink of releasing album number seven, her first self-titled, on October 2nd.  She’s already released four singles from the LP, the most recent being “Fearless,” featuring Nadia Rose. There's a whole lot of uplifting, dance in your pajama jams coming your way this Friday. We only say that since the clubs are still closed.
In the early days of quarantine we had the great honor of chatting with Mel C, who spoke about the new music, the inspiring work she did with Sink the Pink and connecting with her fans online. Watch:
Work From Home: Melanie C
"I kind of sometimes get a little bit nervous about the aftermath. 'Cause you know, when we finally are set free, it's going to be the biggest party known to man, and I just think the hangover's gonna be big."  So you're releasing your eighth studio album in October, and this one is self-titled. Am I wrong in thinking that it's fairly significant to actually have a self-titled album? Does it say, "This is the most me?"
Melanie C:  I've thought about it in the past, but it's never felt right. Last year, I embarked on a world tour of Pride shows with Sink the Pink, who are an east London creative collective. And I worked so closely with the LGBTQ+ community, closer than I ever have before. And it just had this profound effect on me. I felt so much self-acceptance from learning about some of the obstacles and the struggles and the challenges that people from this community have to face. And I knew I wanted to make a record that really expressed that voyage of self-discovery. Did you ever go through an anti-Sporty rebellious phase?
Melanie C:  Yes, I did (laughing). It was hard for me because I felt like no one could see anything other than Sporty Spice, and I knew I had so much more to offer, and different things to offer as an individual. So I did. I cut my hair off. I didn't want to look like Sporty anymore. I didn't want to sound like Sporty anymore. 
And years later, I just realized I am Sporty Spice. I will always be her. And I'm so proud of our legacy. So now, I embrace her.  I know you mentioned in the British GQ interview that you wanted to connect more.  Has it been as rewarding as you imagined it would be?

Melanie C: It really has. Sometimes with the tabloid media, you can feel very exposed, and it made me start to question, where does my private life begin? So I felt this privacy. I don't like sharing my home. I've never liked to give too much of myself away. But during this, I did wanna reach out to my fans and I was surprised. I found it really positive.  I guess, since you’re working on an album, you've been probably like 98% music, but what else have you spent your time during this pandemic doing that you normally wouldn't have time to do?
Melanie C: I've learned a little bit more technically. We got a little interface where I can record my vocals. I've been doing some DJ sets, I've been trying out a few little techniques. I wouldn't have time for that normally.  I've had some big, long bike rides, which has been great in lockdown. I cycled around central London, and there was hardly anyone around.  So I feel really pleased that I did that 'cause I don't think I’ll ever have the opportunity, but in all honesty, I hope I never have the opportunity to do that again. But I'm glad that I did it.
Melanie C’s self-titled album drops on October 2nd. Her livestreams begin tomorrow, more info on those here.

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