The Reason I Rhyme: Morray

Get to know up and coming rapper Morray - his first public performance, the work he put in, his commitment to authenticity and how much he loves live shows and making his fans happy. Watch the video:


It's your boy, Morray, and I am a musician, artist, entertainer. I always wanted to pursue a career in music. I started singing at like the age of four at my church called Powerhouse of Love & Faith. And my mom and my grandma put me in this purple suit, crazy purple, I mean like you can see in the dark purple. I sung in front of like 30, 40, 50 people and I was singing R. Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly." And people started clapping and laughing and smiling, having a good time and I realized like, this is what I want to do forever. When I turned 16 I started to really understand that I could sing R&B songs. It took me til 21 to start rapping for real. Like I was like, yo, I really can do something with this. Like the singing ain't working by itself. And then the rapping wasn't working by itself. So I said, let me just combine them.

Co-signing with Da Baby

Once J. Cole did his co-sign is when it got a lot of attention. His fans was like, who is this guy? Then Moneybagg Yo shared it and DaBaby played it. That's why I think it got so big. And the fact that it's relatable people understand it and the rhythm. It was put together by God, bro, that's all I can say.

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Success wasn’t overnight:

A lot of people say like, how was it for rapid success? It wasn't rapid to me because it's been my whole life. I've been struggling and 12 years of actually doing music and I'm only being heard at 28? I've worked a long ass time for this. And that's why I'm so excited. That's why I'm so happy. Every interview I do, every DJ I meet, every song on the radio, every fan I meet. Because I've been working for this for 12 years and I finally got it.

Making the XXL List:

XXL to me is the hood standard for rap. I had wrote a post like last year when I first had recorded "Quicksand," and I was like, yo, I hope, hopefully one day in my life I make XXL. And to be on it like a year and some change later, like, it's amazing to me.


The biggest things I had to overcome before I made it big was understanding I'm not perfect. I think I always try to hold myself to a standard that I couldn't reach. I had to tell myself bro, you're, you're good enough. And I think I have to love myself. And then once that started, I started putting God first and putting my wife and my kids first. Once I started being who I was supposed to be in life, my life took off. I don't mind bringing nothing but authenticity. Like I don't mind bringing Morray. That's my real name. I just spell it different for the music. My name is Morae, I be myself, no matter what, I don't play the tough guy or the too cool. I'm the funny guy in the room. I really want to make people happy. And I think that's what makes me different. I think it comes from not always being happy, I know how that feels to really be Mr. Ruffin to be feeling low. I feel like I didn't smile as much as I should have so I'm going to make you smile.

The live shows:

What I love about doing the shows is the people. Cause it goes from me performing the songs, to me looking at people eyes and feeling certain when the crowd... It's not just like I'm doing my music. I get in touch with people that listen to my music cause they get in touch with me.
When they sing certain words and they got the camera on me. I feel like they're trying to pull something from me and I want to give to them.
It's more than just music on my stage. I feel a sense of hope, a sense of pleasure, a sense of everything cause I just want to be happy and people was like, yo, this ***** really making me smile in this crowd like he's dancing. He is sweating. He's wiping his face. He's still grooving. And that's what I want to do.


The most important advice I got so far, it was from my manager, Moe Shalizi. When he first signed me he let me know, like if you're doing this to get rich, that's probably not the best idea. You want to come in as who you are and go forward because you know, you can actually be what you always wanted to be. And that was some of the best advice, because now I don't make a decision just because you offer me some money.

The reason he rhymes:

The reason I rhyme is really because, it's like a therapy session to me. I can get my feelings out. My words help me lay a platform for feeling better. And my, my singing helps me really bellow out everything that I have inside. And I feel like every song I make, I feel it that much better. Every song I make about my pain, that much more has been released. So I could actually get to the point where not only am I just making people happy, I'm actually happy.

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