Silverstein Kick Off Tour with Spinning Wheel + Live Debuts

Silverstein, the Canadian emo/screamo band, kicked off its fall tour August 25 in Arizona with a new feature on the tour: a spinning wheel.

About 2/3rds of the way into the show, a band member or crew spins a giant wheel containing the title of a dozen of the group's tunes. As game show music plays, the wheel goes round and round and when it lands on a song, that's what gets rocked out. After the song is over, they repeat the process two more times.

On the 25th at the Marquee Theater the spinning wheel tunes were "Already Dead," "Stand Amid the Roar," and "Massachusetts."

Utilizing a giant wheel to add excitement to a setlist is not new. Way back in 1986, Elvis Costello introduced a giant wheel with scores of original and cover tunes.

Throughout the Beverly Theater show in Beverly Hills he had one of his two MCs (John Doe of X and Tom Waits) choose audience members to have a turn at The Spinning Songbook.

Once the pointer landed on a song, the fan had their choice of sitting at a bar that was on stage and watch TV or they could dance with a young woman in a Go-Go cage.

In 2011, Costello dusted off the wheel and fashioned an entire tour and album around the gimmick, and named it The Return of the Spinning Songbook.

Let's compare the two wheels, shall we?

On the left we have Costello's giant contraption which is practically the size of the actual Wheel of Fortune. It appears to be about 3x the size of the King of America. For a tour where the spinning songbook was the premise of the evening, it made sense because this way audience members could easily see it.

Silverstein's wheel is less ambitious, but also easier to manage, which is important since they are co-headlining this tour with The Amity Affliction, so time is of the essence. But also it wasn't the centerpiece of the evening, it was more of a fun little aside to the traditional presentation of one hit after another.

Their wheel seems to be only a few feet tall, and probably much easier to transport while on tour.

Here are the dozen tunes that have a random chance of being played during the song wheel portion of the gig:

"The Artist," and "Sacrifice" from Rescue
"Already Dead," "Call It Karma," "The Ides of March," and "Your Sword Versus My Dagger" from Discovering the Waterfront
"Broken Stars" from A Shipwreck in the Sand
"Massachusetts" and "Stand Amid the Roar" from This Is How the Wind Shifts
"Bleeds No More" and "November" from When Broken Is Easily Fixed
"Still Dreaming" from Arrivals & Departures

Midway through their Tempe show, Silverstein had a live debut of "Die Alone," from their 11th and most recent album, Misery Made Me. Check out some footage of that new song from their show in Los Angeles:

After the wheel bit, they also live debuted "The Altar/Mary" which they've kept in the setlist since. Take a look at the full setlist from the tour's opening night:

Silverstein and The Amity Affliction will spend September traveling around the US and will wrap it up with two dates in Canada. Tickets can be found here.

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