Who Is Griff?

Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran are two of the biggest pop stars from the UK right now, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. Both artists asked English singer-songwriter Griff to support their recent tours. Fresh off the 2021 Future Nostalgia tour opening for Dua Lipa, Griff has played with Coldplay at Wembley Stadium and is currently traveling Europe with Ed Sheeran for even more stadium shows. All this before a full-length album release!

The name Griff comes from her own last name, Griffiths. She told Notion, “Sarah Griffiths isn’t that glamorous, I sound like I have a mortgage and four kids, it’s very corporate.” Needless to say, the 21-year-old artist is not living a very corporate life. Her first single, “Mirror Talk,” dropped the same day it was announced she was signed to Warner Records, when she had only recently finished school. A few months later, her debut EP similarly named The Mirror Talk came out.

Official music video for "Mirror Talk" by Griff

Like with many artists, the COVID-19 pandemic affected releases and touring schedules, but Griff still dropped several singles during 2020. Her unique experience growing up with foster children was highlighted in her song “Good Stuff,” expressing the difficulties of making sibling-like connections with the children and then having to say goodbye. Another career milestone was the release of “I Love You’s” by Hailee Steinfeld, which was co-written by Griff.

After releasing her seven-track mixtape, One Foot in Front of The Other, she made another splash at the 2021 Brit Awards with a live performance of her biggest hit to date, “Black Hole.” Showing off her talent for music production as well as her singing ability, it’s no surprise that she has a fan in superstar Taylor Swift. Griff even made her performance outfit, so keep an eye out for her to become a triple threat. Later that evening, the Chinese-Jamaican singer collected her Rising Star Award and thanked her parents for their support and sacrifice getting her to this point.

Live performance of "Black Hole" by Griff at The BRIT Awards 2021

Stay tuned to see which superstar she supports on tour next — or perhaps a headlining tour in support of a full-length album? A pop fanatic can dream.

In the meantime, you can follow Griff on Instagram.

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