All Time Low Kick Off Tour with Two Live Debuts

All Time Low kicked off The Sound of Letting Go tour on Sunday, September 10 in Boston. The band reportedly hit the stage at 9:20PM, starting the set with their 3rd most-performed song to date, "Lost In Stereo." A good chunk of their summer shows (going back to May) had opened with their newest album's title track, "Tell Me I'm Alive" (released in April). TMIA is still in the set, but so far not played in full.

Two new TMIA songs got worked into this tour's repertoire though, the first one being "New Religion" about half way through the show. Check out some fan footage of the live debut:

"Dark Side of Your Room" and lesser-played Wake Up, Sunshine track "Favorite Place" were sandwiched between the second and final live debut of the evening, "The Way You Miss Me" - check out some fan shot footage of that debut:

The fan-voted song was "Backseat Serenade"; "Weightless" and "Monsters" closed the main set and "Sleepwalking" and "Dear Maria" made up the two-song encore. See the full setlist from the first night of the tour:

All Time Low setlist

Stats-wise, TMIA carries most of the set (obvs, newest album, new era and all that) with 7 songs - but the band still managed to touch on 8 of 9 studio albums.

Album breakdown

All Time Low's tour resumes tonight in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire - see a full list of dates here.

Friday the band is releasing a collab with OG scene queen Avril Lavigne, called "Fake As Hell" - check out the teaser:

Karma Police - Please Share:

Most played songs