Måneskin Begins the Rush! Tour in Germany with Live Debut

Måneskin has officially kicked off the “Rush! Tour!” The Italian rock band hit the stage on September 3rd in Hanover, Germany, serving up a 20-song setlist including rock radio favorites, two acoustic tracks, and several covers for an unforgettable night.

It’s hardly a surprise that European Måneskin concerts are where they feel most at home. THE band’s big break came from winning the Eurovision contest in 2021, remember? And their traditional rock and roll energy — big hair, bold attire, and all — was on 100% on point throughout the night. Måneskin played the Eurovision-winning track, “ZITTI E BUONI,” within the first 20 minutes of their set, along with other hit songs like “DON’T WANNA SLEEP,” “GOSSIP,” “HONEY (ARE U COMING?)” and “SUPERMODEL.”

Måneskin in Hanover

Then came the song covers. Frontman Damiano David slowed things down with an acoustic rendition of “Iron Sky” by Paolo Nutini, along with the more upbeat “Beggin’” by The Four Seasons. David’s ability to transform his vocals from soft to soulful in minutes has been praised by Måneskin fans and critics alike, and his talent is even more apparent up close and personal! He continued to sing through his band’s biggest songs, like “CORALINE” and “FOR YOUR LOVE,” before live-debuting a brand-new tune.

“THE DRIVER” is a sexy and sway-worthy rock song that made the crowd go wild! It's been less than a year since Måneskin released their third and latest album, Rush!, but we’ll never turn down the chance for new tracks from the beloved rock band. And apparently, neither could Germany attendees. “THE DRIVER” earned what was arguably some of the loudest applause of the night, along with instilling hope that more new tracks may be on the way. Is Måneskin pulling double-duty, pulling off an epic world tour while also swiftly working on their next project? Only time will tell.

As the night continued, Måneskin played a series of essential songs for every type of music fan. Are you a soft rock lover? They brought out the acoustic guitars for slowed-down singles like “IF NOT FOR YOU” and “TIMEZONE.” More into Måneskin’s signature classic-meets-modern rock vibes? They also took the main stage for performances of “IN NOME DEL PADRE,” “MAMMAMIA,” “KOOL KIDS'' (they even brought fans onstage!) and one final song cover. Fans got a major kick out of Måneskin’s version of “Girls & Boys” by Blur, which also served as a live debut and reminded us that these Italian rockers are the real deal.

Måneskin cover Blur

As the Måneskin concert began to wind down, the audience knew that meant just one thing…it was almost time for an encore! The most bittersweet part of the evening consisted of two mini-songs, a guitar solo intro of “THE LONELIEST” and a reprise of “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE.” This Germany show was an epic night from start to finish, and set the precedent for what will definitely be one of the best rock tours of 2023. Will you be seeing Måneskin in either Europe or the US this year? Get your tickets now and check out the full setlist here.

Måneskin setlist

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