Unlocked: Ricky Montgomery

We're fans of Ricky Montgomery over here, and we're stoked to bring you this new and FUNNY episode of Unlocked just a week ahead of his album release AND while tickets to his 2024 tour are on sale. Listen, there's a lot about this episode that just doesn't translate well to text - if you want to get a demo of what singing straws are (you do), see his cat's impeccable posture (obvs) or hear the sage advice given to ALL of us by his mom (priceless!), you're going to have to watch:

The singing straws

My phone plays a huge part in my creative process. I've been taking these really heavy-duty vocal lessons, and I've gotta record these like 25-minute lessons that I have to listen to a lot. I promise I didn't plan for this, but I do have my singing straws. Just a real quick demonstration. (Ricky vocalizing) It's not so glamorous, but this is what it takes to be a star.

Apps and cats

What social media apps am I most active on? TikTok is definitely like the one I use the most right now. My TikTok bookmarks, I have 82 of them. House, money, Jess, my girlfriend, stretches, cat, color, furniture, lights, all caps. My cat bookmark, it's a bunch of stuff like this. [AI Voice] “Did you know that feeding your pets a raw meaty bone is just as effective as brushing their teeth?” And that's a lot of the content that I consume on a daily basis. My cats' names are Daphne and Sophie. This is when my cat was a kitten, and this was my lock screen for about three years. I've got a folder called “Dax,” which is my dog. It's just got one video in it, and it's him wearing a denim jacket. He does look great.

Chair chats? Chair chats.

I'm in bunch of chats on Twitter. I'm in a chat called "Small Chair Chat," where we post photos of small chairs. I'm also in a chat called "Normal Chair Chat" and a chat called "Large Chair Chat." This is a photo of a large chair. People will usually respond with like “that's big” or like “large.” There's also, I don't know if I should show this, but I'm in a chat called “Crap Chat.” And all it is is people saying a number, and it's their crap of the year. “553.” Then it's also people saying like “crapping now.” It's not all dudes. You'd think it'd be all dudes. It's actually mostly women in that chat. But let's go to LinkedIn. My favorite chat called “At Work.” It's a full chat of random people. It's all just auto responses on LinkedIn. It's been going on for about five years. We have three to choose from. We have "I'm good," "Fine," or "Goodbye." I'm gonna choose "Goodbye." And that's just a day in the life of me.


I'm a big podcast listener. My girlfriend, we would go to bed listening to whatever podcast, usually it'd be about murder. I used to live next door to this guy that ran this podcast called "Dungeons and Daddies: Not a BDSM Podcast" is the name of the podcast. It's a play-through of "Dungeons & Dragons." And the premise in this podcast is that they're a bunch of middle-aged dads, and their kids go missing in this fantasy world. The whole podcast is these old men trying to get their kids back. It's real good. Most interesting contact in my phone. I went on a single date with the girl from "Little Miss Sunshine", who's an adult now. Her name is Abigail Breslin. I call her Abbie, though. I met her at a bar, and we went on one date. It was boring. And then we never spoke again.

Mom's memes

"And my mom sends me a lot of really, almost scary memes sometimes. She sent this with the text, "Wow, spoke to me and makes SO much sense." And it's from the Holistic Psychologist Instagram account, and it's, "Do you notice you have insecure attachment patterns in relationships? Share in the comments." And it's just like about her attachment style. And it's like, "Mom, tell this to your therapist." So that's my mom, and I'm gonna call her on FaceTime right now."

Tickets for The Rick Tour: Another Rick in the Wall are on sale today, and his new album, Rick, drops in one week (September 29). Get tour tickets and pre-save the album here, watch the lyric video for "Boy Toy" below:

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