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Need a wake up call? Foo Fighters got you covered. It all goes down tomorrow tonight when they kick off their massive US tour in Washington, DC at The Anthem. Armed and ready with a brand new album, Concrete and Gold, it’s anyone’s guess which new songs they’ll be rocking. With tracks from eight previous albums to choose from and being their first tour in two years, this may be the most challenging setlist prediction yet. Here’s what my clairvoyant abilities (also some setlist data) are telling me they’ll be playing.

Run (2017’s Concrete and Gold)

Okay, okay, this first pick isn’t too “psychic” of me since it’s the first single off of the new album. Foo Fighters played the soft-to-loud-to-soft song at Cal Jam ’17 in San Bernardino, California last weekend. The song debuted back in June and has been found in 23 sets since then, making it's way to a top ten played song this year. Surprisingly the new track starts off dreamy before the heavy thunder pours in. It’s their first single since 2015’s “Saint Cecilia.” It topped the #1 on the US Mainstream Rock Billboard charts after seven weeks, becoming lucky number seven for the band’s history of #1 rock singles. “Wake up/run for your life with me,” is repeatedly throughout the song and yeah, sure, we’re wide awake now, Dave Grohl.

Foo Fighters - "Run"

Learn To Fly (1999’s There Is Nothing Left To Lose)

The late '90s classic is Foo Fighters at their best. Yes, early Foos is where it is. Don’t believe me? Even Dave Grohl called There Is Nothing Left To Lose “…his favorite album that they've ever done,” back in a 2006 interview. The song isn’t going anywhere. It was actually their first single to land in the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, it’s the group's fifth most played track overall and third this year, in a behemoth of material. “Learn To Fly” has been featured many times in their 2017 sets.

Foo Fighters - "Learn To Fly"

My Hero (1997’s The Colour And The Shape)

I must admit, this song still gives me chills. Maybe in part for being the featured song in a pivotal scene in 1999’s Varsity Blues, but I digress. Lyrically, it’s one of the Foo Fighters strongest. Twenty years later, “My Hero” is still a song we can look to in the times we’re living in. Timeless and inspiring, “My Hero” ranks as the band’s third most performed song and ranks as number five for this year. When Dave takes the stage, diehard fans might be thinking, “There goes my hero,” but man, Grohl is anything but ordinary.

Foo Fighters - "My Hero"

The Line (2017’s Concrete and Gold)

This is my dark horse pick. “The Line” is a new song, featured as a promotional track a week ahead of Concrete and Gold’s release, but it’s only been played four times this year. While clearly the most melodic of tracks from the 11-song record, “The Line” still features huge guitars and hammering drums. I’m aware it wasn’t played at Cal Jam, the Foo Fighters-curated fest where they played for over two hours. Call me crazy or call it wishful thinking, but my clairaudience is telling me this one will be performed some point on this tour.

Foo Fighters - "The Line"

Everlong (1997’s The Colour and The Shape)

Alongside, “My Hero,” “Everlong” comes from 1997’s The Colour and The Shape. It stands as the band's most played song ever, according to our records. Hands down, it’s one of the best songs of the '90s. I’m talking top five, people. The acoustic version is even better, but we’ll take any rendition. It’s their most recognizable tune throughout their career, a song that catapulted their career in the early years. When Grohl begins with, “Hello, I've waited here for you,” we can all agree, we aren't going anywhere during this song.

Foo Fighters - "Everlong"

The trek kicks off tomorrow night at Washington, DC’s The Anthem. They’ll be headlining the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience over Halloween weekend. The North American tour will wrap up on December 12 in Salt Lake City, Utah at Vivint Smart Home Arena. In early 2018, the band will be off to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina.

To see Foo Fighters on the road, visit their Live Nation artist’s page.

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