Alanis Morissette Live Debuted "Thank U" On This Day in 1998

The year is 1998, things are good, in the music world at least. I mean have you noticed how many 20th anniversary tours we've had this year? '98 was the year of breakthrough albums. Our favorite Canadian, Alanis Morissette, was already established by this time. She was riding high on the success of 1995's Jagged Little Pill and touring on her latest album at the time, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. The tour was called Dhanyavad, aka The Junkie Tour.
This tour lasted over a year and included drool-worthy openers like Liz Phair and Garbage. On this day (October 11) 1998, Alanis was two months into the tour, and she finally unveiled the hit single off that album "Thank U" in a live setting. The song followed a 12-track setlist and was the opener for her first encore set (there was two.) Unfortunately there's no YouTube footage of the historical moment, but you can watch the music video below, because her music videos were always the BEST, (it features her nude in the streets).
"Thank U" was a chart topper, so you can imagine the joy that fans that night in Santa Cruz, California were experiencing. Here's how Alanis describes the song:
"Basically, I had never stopped in my whole life, hadn't taken a long breath, and I took a year and a half off and basically learned how to do that. When I did stop and I was silent and I breathed... I was just left with an immense amount of gratitude, and inspiration, and love, and bliss, and that's where the song came from, you know."
The rest of the setlist featured an array of her other hits. Check it out below.
Alanis Morissette
Morissette still performs "Thank U" regularly. She last performed it in Santa Barbara, California on September 27th. It's her 6th most performed song and she will probably never ditch this track in her live performances.
To keep up with the alt-pop singers career and musings, head to her website.
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