Eagles North American 2018 Tour Spoilers

Is classic rock even considered classic anymore? With the amount of touring legendary acts have been plotting, one can argue that it's been engraved into modern times. The production and immaculate attention to detail when crafting a setlist are just some of the ways that the classic rockers are coming out on top these days. Let's take the Eagles as a prime example. Their 2018 North American tour has stolen the hearts of music critics alike, as they boldly have claimed Eagles to be the "greatest American rock band of all time." They make a point there, I can't imagine "Hotel California" ever leaving the radio.
Their continued popularity can be accounted for in the number of sold out shows they've done on this tour alone. So whats the secret recipe that's conducting all this? I think it's time we spill the beans. Check out Eagles' tour spoilers below.
How long is their setlist?
It's a whole 26-songs long!
How many of those songs are encore?
The encores have been divided into two, with the first one featuring "Hotel California" and the second encore usually with "Rocky Mountain Song" and "Desperado."
What song do they open with?
"Seven Bridges Road"
Any cool covers?
You bet! The Cali natives have been paying tribute to country rock with covers of "Ol' '55" by Tom Waits and "Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away" by Vince Gill.
Most played songs?
The setlist staples for this tour have all been their most popular hits, including: "Hotel California," "One Of These Nights," "Witchy Woman," "Life In The Fast Lane" and "Take It To The Limit." Peep the setlist from their most recent show below:
How about one-offs?
Occasionally, Eagles have pulled these cuts out of their back pockets: "Victim of Love" and "Best of My Love." Even more rarely were these cuts: "The Long Run" and "I Don't Want to Hear Anymore."
Have they performed any Don Henley bangers?
They've performed the one and only "The Boys of Summer" seven times so far.
What album do they play from the most?
Mostly Hotel California and The Long Run, with their self-titled closely behind.
Catch the Eagles soaring in a city new year while you still can, their tour in North America concludes in November. Head to their website for more info.

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