The Who Rock Two Nights at the Hollywood Bowl on Moving On! Tour

They’re at it again! Referred to as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, The Who continue to redefine what it means to age. Over five decades after their original formation in the 1960s, surviving members Roger Daltrey (vocals) and Pete Townshend (guitar) continue to defy all expectations as they wow fans across the world on their current tour.
Split into three legs, including a 2020 UK run, The Who’s Moving On! tour originally kicked off at the beginning of May. Following a massive one-off show at Wembley Stadium on June 1, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend took a three-month long hiatus in preparation for the current second leg of the North American trek.
Minus the postponement of a few shows due to Roger’s unfortunate bronchitis diagnosis, The Who has managed to deceive audience after audience, sounding as pristine as ever over five decades after their formation. On second thought, “pristine” may not be the most accurate description of The Who’s raw and energetic sound. But that’s exactly what makes them so legendary.
Sold-out crowds don’t gather in masses for a polished concert when it comes to The Who. Instead, they come to see a complete show, full of Pete’s guitar windmills, Roger’s microphone acrobatics and stage antics like no other. Of course, with an orchestra behind them for most of the show, this tour is just as much about the music as it is performance, but The Who’s roots are still just as relevant as ever.
“Be aware Who fans! Just because it’s The Who with an orchestra, in no way will it compromise the way Pete and I deliver our music. This will be full throttle Who with horns and bells on.” - Roger Daltrey
For those lucky Los Angeles fans who have more than one chance to catch the greatest rock band of all time, this past weekend was one to remember. Playing two of three nights at the Hollywood Bowl on October 11 and 13, The Who came to put on a show at one of the most famous venues around.
See the setlist from night one here!
The Who Setlist @ Hollywood Bowl 10/11/19
Joined by an accompanying orchestra, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend hit the stage each night prepared to prove themselves worthy of their dedicated fans. Although the setlist hasn’t changed much throughout the tour, the rock icons were sure to mix it up as much as they could from night one to night two at the Bowl.
Opening up the set alongside the orchestra, The Who jumped right into a list of Tommy (1969) hits including “Overture,” “1921,” “Amazing Journey,” “Sparks” and “Pinball Wizard.” Considering Roger toured the entire Tommy album with an orchestra setup just last year, it was quickly evident that the band was familiar with those tracks.
The Who Perform "Pinball Wizard" Live 2019
The act continued with some one-off iconic Who songs including “Who Are You,” “Eminence Front” and “Imagine a Man” before playing an unreleased track off of their upcoming album WHO entitled “Hero Ground Zero,” which was originally debuted at their Wembley show at the start of the summer.
The Who Perform "Who Are You" Live 2019
Eager to break up the orchestral performances, Roger and Pete took over the next few songs on their own alongside just their backing band. Considering this is the only portion of the show that doesn’t include an orchestra, The Who took advantage of the rarity to change up the setlist from night one to night two at the Hollywood Bowl.
On night one, the guys opened this solo set with “The Kids Are Alright” before heading into “Substitute,” “You Better You Bet,” an acoustic version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Behind Blue Eyes” featuring violin and cello accompaniment. However, during the same set of night two, the band switched out “The Kids Are Alright” for “I Can See For Miles” and even opened with “Substitute” instead. And while it may seem like a minuscule change, even that small difference kept the crowd on their toes for at least a portion of the show.
The Who Perform "Behind Blue Eyes" Live 2019
With the orchestra back in position, The Who closed out the show with a final set consisting mainly of Quadrophenia (1973) tracks including “The Real Me,” “I’m One,” “5:15,” “The Rock” and “Love, Reign O’er Me.” But not before the band performed the first release off of their upcoming album “Ball and Chain.”
The Who Perform "Love, Reign O'er Me" Live 2019
Despite their place as rock royalty, The Who did not return to stage for an encore like most of their counterparts do. Instead, they simply ended off the final set with an orchestral version of the famous “Baba O’Riley.” And considering it is only the greatest rock song of all time, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect ending to a one-in-a-lifetime kind of night.
The Who Perform "Baba O'Riley" Live 2019
With only a few North American shows remaining on their Moving On! tour, you won’t want to miss this legendary band live. Check out all of the remaining dates below and don’t forget to grab tickets at LiveNation!

The Who Moving On! 2019 Tour Dates:
10/16 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena at Aztec Bowl San Diego State University
10/19 – Seattle, WA @ T-Mobile Park
10/21 – Vancouver, BC @ Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena
10/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl
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