Unlocked: FINNEAS Describes His Relationship with His Phone

In our latest episode of Unlocked, singer-songwriter (record producer and actor) FINNEAS (O'Connell) stopped by our studio ahead of his sold out Blood Harmony tour kickoff to take us on an exclusive tour of his phone. Watch as the Los Angeles native calls his future tourmate Lauren Sanderson, and shares which apps he uses the most:
Unlocked: FINNEAS Reveals His Borderline Relationship With His Phone
FaceTime with Lauren Sanderson
"Having Lauren Sanderson open for this tour and I've never spoken to her, even one time. I'm going to make a bet first, I be she picks up with "What's up!"

Phone Relationship
"The question was to describe the relationship that I have with my phone. The word 'borderline' comes to mind, it's like super super super vital to me. I was in my bunk, doing this on a tour bus one night in Europe and I had my phone, it was low on battery and I was suddenly like a heroin addict, I was just like tearing through the bus like finding a power brick and throwing stuff around, then I got it and I was like *exhales deeply*."

Billie and Memes
"Billie and I text a lot. Billie and I text across the row on an airplane. We'll airdrop each other dozens of memes. You think about some meme you love so weird and arbitrary that it's like what's the meme of the dude with the super great eyebrows crying. I've spent like two hours of time like looking for that guy."
"I have the hot pilates app. Love hot pilates. Face app- I love giving my data to Russia. Head Up is really fun to play. I use GuitarToolKit a ton as like a tuner. And then scale- you can sort of build chords and reference stuff if you want to make sure you're fact checking something that you're sending to somebody. A metronome that you can sort of like tap, it's super useful for writing sessions."

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