Coldplay Play 6-Song Set in Berlin, Including a Beloved Deep Cut

Coldplay surprised fans with a very special performance yesterday as they reunited in Berlin to perform 6 songs together. The intimate show was in partnership with Global Citizen and #EveryVoteCounts campaign.
“If you're watching, thank you very much. The reason we're doing this show is because, A) because we can't get a gig anywhere else and B), because on today we launched a petition asking people in the American election and news organizations not to call the election until all the votes are in, all the votes are counted. Every vote counts, so count every vote.” - Chris Martin
The gig took place at Hansa Studios and could be accessed via Instagram Live. It started off with "Magic" from Ghost Stories before going into a special rendition of "Charlie Brown" which carried a snippet of Van Halen's "Jump" in tribute to Eddie.
They got fans in their feels by performing timeless anthem "Yellow," but the Parachutes song that blew it out of the park (or screen in this case) was their set finale of "Everything's Not Lost," which hadn't been performed since 2014! You can check out the set over on Coldplay's Instagram if you missed the livestream.

See the full setlist here:

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Last updated: 23 Oct 2020, 02:25 Etc/UTC