Viewing Guide: Pearl Jam's 32-Song Setlist, Philadelphia 2016

On October 22nd Pearl Jam will reveal the ultimate gift to fans in honor of the 30th anniversary of their first-ever live show - A special three-hour livestream event via Nugs.Net. The stream will feature the entire 32-song performance from April 29, 2016 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, where they played their debut album Ten in its entirety for the first time since 1992.
The show will begin at 8PM and will be available on demand through October 26, so make sure to grab your tickets, and then read on for our exclusive Setlist Viewing Guide to enhance the experience!
Is Ten performed in the same order as the album?
What tour were they on when they played this show?
Their 2016 North American Tour.
Were there any songs off the album they hadn't played in a while?
"Garden" and "Release."
How many other songs did they play that weren't on Ten?
The rest of the main set featured six songs, and then Pearl Jam came back to perform two extended encores, the first carried 8 songs while the second carried 7.
What other albums did they play songs off of?
Vitalogy, Vs. Lightining Bolt, Lost Dogs, Yield, Backspacer, Binaural, No Code, and Riot Act.
Any other deep cuts?
They did tour debuts for "Breakerfall," "Bee Girl" and "All or None."
What covers did they perform?
During the set you'll hear covers of Pink Floyd, Wayne Cochran, Neil Young, Dead Boys, and The Who. Most of the covers are in the second encore.
Do they play any of the songs acoustically?
Yes - "Bee Girl" and "Just Breathe."
What song is the finale?
"Yellow Ledbetter."
Check out the setlist here and enjoy the show:
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