The Reason I Rhyme: Dixson

Singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Dixson is a Roc Nation artist on the rise. In our latest episode of The Reason I Rhyme, we hear about how his upbringing shaped him as a musician, the work he does behind the scenes, how much he values loyalty and what he hopes his legacy will be. Take a look:
The Reason I Rhyme: Dixson


Hi, my name is Dixson. I'm a singer, songwriter and producer. Growing up in Atlanta, I just remember it being full of music. My mom was a musician, and there was always music playing around the house, there was always music going on at church. I really feel like I'd be a different musician, had I not grown up in church. My father was a pastor, he got his own church when I was very young, and playing 11 instruments came out of necessity, because any given Sunday, somebody could not show up and the service still had to go forward. Being able to flow and catch waves, being able to follow behind a choir, or a pastor, or a really great singer, those are skills that you can only learn in that particular community.
I knew I wanted to pursue music as a full-time job when I was a kid. The first time I got a standing ovation, I was like five years old, and that's kind of an addictive thing. Even though I've had different paths, you know, that had kind of taken me off the path, I've always known that I would end up here.

Being on The Voice:

Being on The Voice taught me how to be a professional. It's a high pressure, high stakes situation. It is a lot of people, A lot of team members that have to work together to make the show, and I was planted right in the middle of it, you know? So, I had to learn how to be professional, I had to learn how to be on time, I had to learn how to, you know, work the crowd, and communicate with sound engineers. It taught me how to be a professional.

Working behind the scenes:

Even though I'm an artist and I'm signed to Roc Nation, I still work behind the scenes. I think that's an important piece of the puzzle of my artistry. I love producing records, I love writing songs for other people, I love embodying other people's ideas and projects, and helping them, you know, get it across the finish line. It also influences the work that I do, being able to work at high levels with much bigger stars and myself really taught me how to take care of the music.


For me, collaboration is how I got this far. It's been a real reason why I've been successful. I'm not afraid to ever share the music or share the writing or anything. For me, the motto is best song wins. So if that means we have to call people that, you know, fit and embody that moment, then that's who we call.

Collab wishlist:

There are a lot of people left on my collaboration wishlist. I still would love to work with Timbaland, I've never worked with him before. I would love to work with Hov. I'm signed to him, but I don't have any records with him, so that would be incredible. Kendrick Lamar is very high on my list, Justin Timberlake as well, and everybody wants to work with Rihanna or Beyoncé, so those are a given. And last but not least, Quincy and Stevie. These are two pioneers, that mean so much to the musical zeitgeist.

Best advice:

The biggest piece of advice I've been given is loyalty. You have to have loyalty to your team, and you have to have loyalty on your team. You also have to be loyal to the craft, you can't just give up because it's not working right now. Also, being loyal to your fans. For me, it's always been about the music, it's always been about how it makes people feel, so if I'm going in with that intention, then I have to remain loyal to the people that are consuming it.


I think I want my legacy to be classic, when people consider me, I want them to associate my work with the classics, I want them to associate my work with the greats, and hopefully consider myself among those people that I've been associated with.

The reason he rhymes:

The reason I rhyme is for truth. I also rhyme for my people, and I rhyme for my ancestors. I wouldn't be here without those three, and I hope when I'm old and gray, that those are still my reasons.
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