Get Ready: When We Were Young 2022 Preview

Next year’s lineup may have already been announced, but there are still a few days before When We Were Young 2022 gets started. It’s time to pull on those skinny jeans, smudge some black eyeliner, and practice screaming along to the best of emo and pop-punk.
With over 60 bands playing the 12-hour festival, consider this a refresher course on some of the most anticipated acts. Find out what songs might draw attendees to their sets and what to stick around for.

The Headliners

After announcing the end of the band in March of 2013, My Chemical Romance surprised everyone by announcing a reunion show in Los Angeles on December 20, 2019. Fans were delighted with news of a reunion tour… but then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. This year they’ve finally been able to embark on the tour and play their newest song, “The Foundations of Decay,” to all the black-and-red clad listeners who’ve been missing them all these years. And of course, part of My Chemical Romance’s triumphant return will be as co-headliners at When We Were Young 2022.

While the reunion tour has revealed that the band loves to switch up their setlist, odds are good that festival goers will get to hear the hits from the aughts like “Helena,” “I’m Not Okay (I Promise),” “Teenagers,” and of course, “Welcome to the Black Parade.” Prepare for the crowd to lose it at the first note of the latter.

My Chemical Romance
Come for:
“Welcome to the Black Parade”
Stay for:
“Famous Last Words”
“Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)”

Paramore joins My Chemical Romance as When We Were Young 2022 co-headliners and has spent the fall embarking on their first tour since 2018. Unlike MCR, Paramore didn’t announce an official hiatus, but they haven’t released a new album since 2017. With a new single and multiple festival shows, anticipation is building for their sixth album to be released in February 2023.

As the lead single, “This is Why” is all but guaranteed to be included in their set. It doesn’t seem likely that songs from their 2005 debut album All We Know Is Falling will make the cut, but their breakout single “Misery Business” has returned with a vengeance. Make sure to practice that bridge, because one lucky fan is usually chosen to sing it. Other classics like “Decode” from Twilight and the Grammy-winning “Ain’t It Fun” will bring in the nostalgia.

Come for:
“Misery Business”
“Ain’t It Fun”
Stay for:
“Hard Times”
“Brick by Boring Brick”

The Classics

The nostalgia-filled festival stretches beyond the headliners. Major acts like Avril Lavigne, Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, A Day To Remember, and AFI are among those expected to draw big crowds during their sets. That grouping also shows that even though When We Were Young is geared towards a certain scene and subculture, there’s still a lot of variety. Avril Lavigne puts the pop in pop-punk and A Day To Remember is sure to have a mosh pit break out. Catch your breath at Bright Eyes and embrace your emo side with Taking Back Sunday and AFI.

Avril Lavigne
Come for:
“Sk8er Boi”
Stay for:
“Bite Me”
“I’m With You”

Bright Eyes
Come for:
“First Day of My Life”
“Lover I Don’t Have to Love”
Stay for:
“Dance and Sing”
“Mariana Trench"

Taking Back Sunday
Come for:
“Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team)”
Stay for:
“Tidal Wave”
“What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?”

A Day To Remember
Come for:
“The Downfall of Us All”
“If It Means a Lot to You”
Stay for:
“All Signs Point to Lauderdale”

Come for:
“Girl’s Not Grey”
“Miss Murder”
Stay for:
“Love Like Winter”
“I Hope You Suffer”

The Newcomers

Just because When We Were Young is focused on millennial nostalgia doesn’t mean there aren’t newer acts to get into. With the emo and pop-punk resurgence of the past couple years, it’s only natural that the influence of these classic bands is felt with the younger generations that have started releasing music in the last decade. Even those not keeping up with newer music may recognize some songs, with Nessa Barrett and The Linda Lindas going viral on TikTok and Twitter, respectively. Whether you’re already a fan or looking to add to your playlist, here are some artists and bands to check out on the side stages.

The Linda Lindas
Come for:
“Racist, Sexist Boy”
Stay for:
“Growing Up”

Meet Me @ The Altar
Come for:
“Hit Like a Girl”
Stay for:
“Say It (To My Face)”

Mom Jeans.
Come for:
“Edward 40hands”
“Death Cup”
Stay for:
“Shred Cruz”
“What’s Up?”

Nessa Barrett
Come for:
“i hope ur miserable until ur dead”
“die first”
Stay for:
“dying on the inside”
“tired of california”

TV Girl
Come for:
“Lovers Rock”
“Not Allowed”
Stay for:
“Hate Yourself”
“Cigarettes Out the Window”

Neck Deep
Come for:
“In Bloom”
Stay for:
“Citizens of Earth”
“Gold Steps"

Royal & The Serpent
Come for:
“i can’t get high”
Stay for:
“Love Abuser (Save Me)”

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