Photos From L7's "Bricks Are Heavy" Anniversary Tour

L7 is wrapping up their Bricks Are Heavy 30th Anniversary tour with two straight nights in Los Angeles. The band is celebrating their third studio album and major label debut. The album also spawned their biggest hit “Pretend We’re Dead” and made them fixtures on alternative radio in the ‘90s.
The shows have featured two distinct sets. The first is Bricks Are Heavy played in its entirety, meaning the band is playing “This Ain’t Pleasure” for the very first time live. The second is a mix of hits and favorites from the band’s career, also including a cover of “American Society” by Eddie and the Subtitles. The encore each night has been their version of David Bowie’s “Suffragette City.”
Originally formed in 1985, L7 released six albums and toured aggressively until calling it quits in 2001. They reformed in 2014, going back on tour and one new album so far. They have a legacy of live shows, including memorable festival performances and helping found and run charity concert series Rock for Choice in the ‘90s.
The tour originally kicked off on October 3 and most nights have sold out completely. While you might not be able to score tickets, you can check out these awesome photos we scored.

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