Exclusive Access: Unearth at Voltage Lounge

The Massachusetts Metalcore vets Unearth are on the verge of dropping their first new record in 4 years. We caught up with lead singer Trevor Phipps and the band before their killer Philadelphia set for a quick Q&A and to experience how the band gets ready for a show.
Your new record Extinction drops on November 23rd, your first new record in 4 years. Can you tell me a little about the record and if we will we be hearing any new tracks tonight?  
Yeah we’re doing 4 songs a night from it, the 2 first single off the record and 2 other songs a night off of it each night. The record started with 24 songs and we cut it down to 14 to record, and we pick the best 10 for the Album. We wanted to write a record where we could play any song live and have it translate. Sometimes albums have clear album tracks and others that would go over live. This time around we wanted to be able to pick any song and be able to play it live and we think we achieved that. It’s a record where tracks 1 through 10 are all solid songs where the energy behind them should do well live. The two songs people know are doing well and the other two that we are playing are killing every night.  
How was it touring on your first and final Warped Tour?
Yeah this was our first full warped tour. We did 3 days back when we first started touring back in 2002. This year it was sold out or close to it in every city because it was the last one. It was massive! Huge undertaking with production with a huge crew and massive undertaking. There was a lot of stuff that helped bands on that tour, it showed.
I also read that you are a Dad, how is life as a touring musician and as father?
I’m definitely more chilled out. I don’t want to be gone as much, this is only our 4th day on the road and it's a bummer, i've already Facetimed with the kids twice today. We are on tour for a month, Warped tour was hard, that was 7 weeks. Being away from home and your kids is a drawback of this business. Buzz (Lead guitarist) is also a father and we don’t travel 9 months out of the year like we used to. We pick our battles and tour more wisely and don't tour just to tour. We play when think it's going to be impactful.
The Boston rockers have tour dates lasting until December 2nd, where they will wrap up in Tucson, Arizona. Check out their Facebook page for more info and updates!
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