Tour Update: Stars

Indie rock band Stars, just released new track, "Are You With Me" via Last Gang Records. The Canadian group teamed up with Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene to produce the song. We sat down with multi-instrumentalist and Star frontman Torquil Campbell to talk about bonding with fans at live shows and what the band has planned for the future. Watch our Tour Update episode with Stars below:
Stars Performs With A Full 90-Piece Orchestra
People need anthems:
“I tend to just yell at people in the songs, about what I want them to hear, you know? People need anthems. There’s enough indie rock that nobody knows what it’s about.

Messing up on stage:
The mistakes are exciting in music. It’s not a play—you’re not asking people to suspend their disbelief. So if you screw up it’s not like you’ve altered the reality for them or let the side down. It’s only revealing the reality of it, in a way. It’s an opportunity to bond with the audience, I think, because the audience is standing there thinking ‘how are they doing this?’ and then they realize ‘oh, they’re actually not’ (laughs)

Upcoming shows:
“We’re playing with an orchestra this Christmas, that’ll open up the opportunity to do some other tunes that we’ve never done before. Stuff that’s purely orchestral based.”

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