FKA twigs Delivers Ethereal Beauty w/ MAGDALENE - Review + Photos

Since appearing on the music scene in 2012, then known simply as Twigs, the English singer/songwriter/producer/dancer has drummed up quite the career known for her brand of avant-pop. Her 2014 debut studio album LP1 was released to critical acclaim and earned her a nomination for the 2014 Mercury Prize. The acclaim for her sound helped establish FKA twigs as one of the most innovative artists of the decade, earning her a dedicated following along the way.
Flash forward to 2019 and the long awaited return of FKA twigs is here, the singer has just released her sophomore studio album MAGDALENE and it's an opus of ethereal proportions. The opening number "thousand eyes" sets the tone for the entire body of work, FKA twigs' vocals strolling hand in hand with the melancholic, industrial production that echoes the sounds of a theatrical drama at points. When "home with you" begins, we're immediately along for the ride as vocal fx take front and center before making way for her angelic purity as the chorus comes in and she sings "I didn't know that you were lonely, if you'd have just told me I'd be home with you" and it just hits the spot inside of me that sends shivers down my spine.
"sad day" feels the energy turning up slightly, the opening melodies and lyrics leave you with a wrenching feeling and you just know that we're in for a moment of melancholic bliss. The Future feature that is "holy terrain" kicks things up a bit harder this time, taking FKA Twigs into her most commercial territory on the album, yet completely on her terms. "mary magdalene" clocks in at 5:21, marking it the longest track on the record and it's a spiritual journey if you will, as FKA twigs sings "a woman's work, a woman's prerogative, a woman's time to embrace she must put herself first." Putting herself first is no problem for FKA twigs as she channels the best version of herself yet, sparking a calmness of joy to listeners with gorgeous melodies and ethereal moodiness, the whole song is simply perfect.
Things get chaotic in the best way with "fallen alien," a PC music/glitch vibe enters the stream of sound for FKA twigs and invites the listener to embrace the movement. Waxing on the slower mood, "mirrored heart" is absolutely stunning, one of the album highlights and I think most fans will agree. In an incredibly heartbreaking moment, FKA twigs sings on the chorus "but I'm never gonna give up, though I'm probably gonna think about you all the time, and for the lovers who found a mirrored heart, they just remind me I'm without you" – so poetic and so honest, I'm still grieving from this moment.
"daybed" keeps the somber greatness of MAGDALENE alive while the album closer "cellophane," which was the lead single from the era, wraps everything up with an intricate wave of emotional beauty. FKA twigs' ability to move the core with her soundscape is next to no one in a generation clamming for a hit with a Spotify-formula driven record. MAGDALENE is a sonic masterpiece to be treasured for years to come!
Signing off, check out our exclusive photo gallery of FKA twigs performing at Fox Theater in San Francisco above! Her theatrics makes her concerts much more than a typical show and we have the photos to prove it.
FKA twigs - Fox Theater - November 6, 2019 - setlist

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