Setlist Playlist: Exploring Songs on U2's Joshua Tree Tour 2019

It's been 32 years since U2 released their breakthrough album, The Joshua Tree. It was their fifth studio album, following 1984's The Unforgettable Fire, and turned the band into household names.
U2 are currently on the road in support of the landmark, bringing the tour to places they promised they'd bring it to. They kicked off the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour November 8 in Auckland, New Zealand and are making their way through Australia before heading to Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and India.
Members Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. have been performing a 16-song main set with an eight-song encore, highlighting some of their greatest hits before playing The Joshua Tree in full.
Here's one of their recent setlists:
U2 setlist
Cue up our 2019 Joshua Tree Tour Setlist Playlist on Spotify and keep reading for a closer look at some of the songs on U2's seminal album that they're bringing back on tour.

"Where The Streets Have No Name"

This fan-favorite is the opening track to Joshua Tree, and was released as the album's third single in August 1987.
The music for "Where The Streets Have No Name" originated from a demo that The Edge composed the night before the band resumed their Joshua Tree sessions. He said he wanted to "conjure up the ultimate U2 live song."
It's the group's fourth most-played live song ever, having been performed 896 times since its debut. (Fun fact: U2 shot the music video for this song the day they played it live for the first time!)
The song peaked at No. 13 in the US and won a Grammy for Best Performance Music Video.
U2, "Where The Streets Have No Name"

"With Or Without You"

"With Or Without You" was the album's lead single, and like "Where The Streets Have No Name," it originated from a demo. In an interview around the song's release, Bono explained the meaning behind the line "and you give yourself away."
"It's about how I feel in U2 at times," he said. "Exposed. I'm not going to do many interviews this year. Because there's a cost to my personal life, and a cost to the group as well."
The Edge used a distortion device called an "infinite guitar" to create the song's signature wail sound. The instrument was invented by Michael Brook – whom The Edge worked with on the soundtrack to the 1986 film "The Captive."
U2, "With or Without You"

"Running To Stand Still"

This track showcases U2's American music influences on the album. It incorporates elements of folk rock and acoustic blues, and a lot of the music was improvised by co-producer Daniel Lanois during a recording session. The band cites Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" and Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" as inspirations for the track.
The lyrics, on the other hand, were inspired by Bono's Dublin roots. He refers to the city's heroin epidemic in the 80s, as he does in songs "Bad" and "Wire."
"I used to see words as music and my voice as an instrument," Bono said.
"It was the sound of the words as much as the sense that interested me. The way they bumped against each other, not necessarily their meaning. The idea of a couplet I think I discovered about two years ago, talking with Elvis Costello. But my writing at best is still sort of subconscious. 'Running to Stand Still' is pretty much as I wrote it the first time, as a sort of prose poem."
The song has been played live 402 times – nearly half as many times as "Where The Streets Have No Name" and "With or Without You."
U2, "Running To Stand Still" live

"Mothers Of The Disappeared"

"Mothers Of The Disappeared" is the eleventh and final track on The Joshua Tree. The song was inspired by Bono's time in Nicaragua and El Salvador in 1986, following the band's benefit shows on their Conspiracy of Hope Tour.
U2 debuted "Mothers Of The Disappeared" on the first leg of The Joshua Tree Tour, where it closed in place of the band's long-time closing song, "40." They played it a few times on other legs, but didn't add it to the setlist again until 1988's PopMart Tour. They stopped playing it for eight years, bringing it back in 2006 on the Vertigo Tour.
It's been played live 73 times, making it the band's 95th most-played song.
U2, "Mothers of the Disappeared" live
Check out U2's remaining Joshua Tree tour dates below, and head to their website for tour and ticket info!
U2's 2019 Joshua Tree Tour dates:
11/23 – Sydney, Australia @ Sydney Cricket Ground
11/27 – Perth, Australia @ Optus Stadium
11/30 – Kallang, Singapore @ National Stadium
12/01 – Kallang, Singapore @ National Stadium
12/04 – Tokyo, Japan @ Saitama Super Arena
12/05 – Tokyo, Japan @ Saitama Super Arena
12/08 – Seoul, South Korea @ Gocheok Sky Dome
12/11 – Manila, Philipines @ Philipine Arena
12/15 – Mumbai, India @ DY Patil Stadium
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