Slayer Add "Die By the Sword" to Set at 2nd to Last Show in LA!

The chants are ringing through the The Forum on the thrash metal legends' end of the road finale. Last night, November 29th, it was their second to last show ever. They added the second Los Angeles date after their November 30th show sold out in mere seconds.
The venue was packed out since 6pm as The Final Campaign Suite is decked out with a line up of iconic bands that, while legends in their own right, were all influenced in some way, shape, or form, by Slayer. The night went like this: Philip Anselmo and the Illegals, Ministry, and then Primus.
Each artist performed a memorable set that turn up the energy to 500 in preparation for seeing Slayer, for probably the last time ever? Ministry and Primus both played sets that were made up of fan favorites so it was a massive sing-a-long, head banging marathon.
Slayer started promptly at 9:25pm and not a minute too late or too soon. Their punctuality is just one showcase of their storied career as metal gods. They've truly perfected their craft and they'd rather burn out than fade away.
And they literally burned out in a "blaze of glory" as Les Claypool said they would during his set. I say "literally" because I've never been to a show with so much pyro in my life. Although, Judas Priest might come as a close second.
With the band winding down to their last shows, they naturally changed up their setlist. Instead of opening with "Repentless," they opened with "South of Heaven." The second song came as a happy surprise to fans because they weaved in "Die By The Sword." They hadn't performed the 1980s cut since 2017! In fact, last week we predicted that there would be a 41% chance that they've bring this out before the tour ended so... Did I manifest this?!

Next, they brought back "Evil Has No Boundaries," which they played mostly during their festival sets this year, the last time being on October 9th. Same went for "Black Magic," "Temptation," and "Gemini," which they added into their set the first time since it was let go in the beginning of October after their South American Final Campaign leg.
That means "Stain of Mind," "Hate Worldwide," "When the Stillness Comes," "Mandatory Suicide" and "World Painted Blood," which had all been mainstays on the North American leg, were dropped off to make room for the above.
The 20-song setlist of course ended on Slayer's two power anthems that sent us off into space - you already know so I don't even HAVE to say it but I will - "Raining Blood" right into "Angel of Death."
See the setlist here:
The entire night was both epic, fast-paced and ultra emotional as Tom Araya took plenty of moments to stop, look at the sold out arena, and express gratitude as tears formed in his eyes. Looking around me, I swear I caught some of the hardest of metal dudes shed a tear, knowing this would be the last time they'd witness the reign that is Slayer.
Unless they got tickets for tonight of course! Tonight, November 30th, is Slayer's final night. Check back with us tomorrow to see if they change up the setlist again, and if they dish out any top secret surprises. Like maybe they'll says PSYCHE to this whole last tour ever thing? We can only dream. For now, I must go and ice my metal neck.

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