Tour Update: Simple Creatures

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth make up new wave super duo Simple Creatures. The two have just released their second EP, Everything Opposite in October. We sat down with Simple Creatures to talk about their favorite fan feedback, what they hope their live shows portray and what's coming up next for the band. Watch our exclusive Tour Update interview below:
Tour Update: Simple Creatures Reveal Their Latest Collaboration

Mark Hoppus: My favorite feedback about the second EP was "ah I understand what you guys are doing now."

Alex Gaskarth: I think at first it sort of threw people that we had a project and it didn't sound like maybe what people expected from us together. And then this one definitely feels much more like people were ready for it.

Mark Hoppus: At this point we play every single song we're released and then a cover of a Depeche Mode song.

Alex Gaskarth: We're jonesing for more tunes. We need songs. We're headlining. We're doing headlining shows and we're doing what is it- I think 13 songs and the cover- which is arguable on the edge of not being long enough. I think the more music we write and put out, the better we're going to be at our live shows, but right now it feels really solid. These are the first few shows we're playing after a little bit of a break and we have everything in the mix and we have everything in the mix and rehearsing it felt great, so I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Mark Hoppus: We want people to come to the shows that Simple Creatures put on and have it be like a giant house party where it's not just a concert and you go and your watch the people up on the stage - at other Simple Creatures shows we've had tarot card reader, we've had people make balloon animals, we've had selfie stations..

Alex Gaskarth: It's sort of a terrifying 7-year olds birthday party.

Mark Hoppus: That's the best way to describe it.

Alex Gaskarth: That's kind of what we're going for with our shows.

Mark Hoppus: For 2019 we have the two shows in Southern California, we have the three festival shows in Australia, and that's the rest of the live stuff that we're doing and then we'll probably get back int he studio and write whatever the next thing is beyond EP number 2. A collection of another EP or a full album, or whatever it becomes. The cool thing about Simple Creatures is we kind of get to do what we want with found time, so we're not sure if it's going to be an EP or a full record but definitely get back in the studio and start writing.

Alex Gaskarth: Yeah there's already a lot of material that we've worked on and haven't put out yet, but there's also what's fun about this project is when Mark's out with Blink or when I'm eventually out with All Time Low, we've been texting each other ideas. Like he'll send me something he works on and I'll send back some thoughts and ideas for the track and we get back we'll work on it from there. That's sort of the most fun and experimental parts of this project, that I don't get to really do with my band at least. So yeah, it's been interesting to create while we're not together. The remote aspect is pretty fun.

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