10 Years Ago Wiz Khalifa Live Debuted "Black & Yellow"

Let's pretend it's not 2020 for a minute and reflect back on 2010, when "Black & Yellow" was stuck in EVERYONE'S heads. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and was his debut single for Atlantic. The Wiz Khalifa anthem was officially live debuted a decade ago on the sold-out Waken Baken Tour.
The tour kicked off in September 2010, and while there's only two setlists in from the tour in our archives, his set from exactly 10 years ago today at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. boasts an 18-song setlist, noting the first record of when Wiz performed "Black & Yellow."
The setlist featured many songs off of Kush & OJ, his 2010 mixtape. He opened up the set with "Cabin Fever" and played several deep cuts that fans might not come by too often at a Wiz show anymore, with the exception of "Black & Yellow," which he performed toward the end of the set. The single would later be released on his 2011 major label debut album Rolling Papers. "Black & Yellow" would go on to be Wiz's most performed song to date.
Check out the earliest performance of Wiz performing the song from September 2010 in Pittsburgh:
The show ended with an encore of "The Statement," a song he no longer performs live.
Check out the full setlist below!
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