311 Played 16-Song Sets During Ventura Drive-In Concerts

After 311 performed their debut album Music in full for their first ever livestream concert, the reggae-rock band embarked on a two-city Drive-In Tour over the weekend.
It kicked off on November 13th in Phoenix, Arizona at the State Fairgrounds with a 17-song setlist full of all their career highlights from a wide selection of albums.
The next day they headed over to Ventura, California's Fairgrounds where they performed two sets in one day, both carrying 16 songs. The early show began at 5:30 PM and had an identical setlist to the Phoenix performance. They opened up with "Beautiful Disaster" and showcased some of their most known hits like "All Mixed Up," "Applied Science," "Come Original," "Amber," and set ender "Down."
10 out of 13 albums made it into the set, including songs off their most recent LP Voyager - "Stainless" and "What The?!" They also weaved in one lick off of Music - "Do You Right."
The late show began at 8:30 PM and offered a different setlist to change things up. This time they opened with "Homebrew" and worked in material from only 7 of their albums. They played more deep cuts like "Strong All Along," "Jackolantern's Weather," "Extension," and "Too Late." They ended the set on "Creatures (For a While)."
Check out both Setlists here:
311 Early Show
311 Late Show
This isn't the last we'll see of the reggae rockers, 311 still have two more livestreams planned in the coming months, check out details below!

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