Architects Play 17-Song Set, 3 Live Debuts at Royal Albert Hall

British metalcore rockers Architects performed at an empty Royal Albert Hall in London over the weekend on November 21 for a special livestream concert. The full-production show boasted a 17-song setlist that included a two-song acoustic portion and three live debuts of songs off their upcoming record For Those That Wish To Exist.
The multi-camera set made the performance appear grander than ever, equipped with raw visuals and floating rafters to add more layers and dimensions. They opened the set up with "Nihilist" and introduced the first live debut three songs in with "Discourse Is Dead."
The middle chunk of the set offered material off albums like Holy Hell, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us and Lost Forever // Lost Together. The two other live debuted came later on with "Animals" and "Dead Butterflies." Following this came the acoustic renditions of songs "Memento More" (short version) and "A Wasted Hymn."
Then Architects performed three more songs before ending on "Doomsday." Check out the full setlist below!
Their ninth studio album is set to be released on February 26, 2021, which you can pre-order on their website. And if you wish to watch the livestream, it's currently on demand so buy your tickets before it's too late!

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